Project Manager Resume Example and guide for 2019

As a project manager, you probably know a lot about planning and organizing. But we know how to organize your resume for best results! This is the best guide for project manager resume writing in 2019! You'll friend advice on how to write a resume which leaves a positive impression and puts you in front of other applicants. With our project manager resume example you'll never feel lost or uninspired. Create the resume to be proud of with these easy steps. Here’s a list of what else we’ll cover in this project manager resume guide.

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Tobias Horstmann
Entrepreneurial minded, passionate for tech, driven by intellectual curiosity
+359 88 888 8888
Munich, Germany
Regional Manager (Spain and France)Encory GmbH, a joint Venture of BMW Group & ALBA Group
08/2016 - Ongoing
Munich, Germany / Madrid, Spain
Encory strives for a circular economy in the automotive industry.
Managing the global pilot and product iteration for Encory with our first customer, BMW Iberica and its 200+ dealers
Developing and implementing data-driven optimisations for product features and Supply-Chain & IT processes
Managing C-Level stakeholders across BMW Germany, Spain & France
Team leadership with one direct and four dotted line reportees
Project Manager Innovation and StrategyALBA Group
03/2015 - 08/2016
Cologne, Germany / Munich, Germany / Madrid, Spain
At ALBA Group I worked on the launch of a new joint venture, Encory
Worked in the core-team to define Encory's value proposition
Conducted research at 10+ BMW dealers to derive user stories for the development of a new software for BMW dealers
Assisted in achieving an approval of the BoD from ALBA Group and BMW Group for a multi million € investment to launch Encory
Created a business case based on a large data-set, which lead BMW Spain's BoD to approve Encory's global pilot in Spain
Co-Founder and CEOBee Healthy
10/2013 - 08/2014
Paris, France / Boston, USA / Mumbai, India
Bee Healthy aimed at revolutionising medical diagnostics by training honeybees to smell chemical indicators of diseases on a humans' breath.
Conducted scientific research on honeybees detecting diabetes
Led the team to be one of the six finalists from among 10,000 entries at the global finals of the HULT Prize
Defined Bee Healhty's value proposition and business model
Pitched Bee Healthy for US $1 million seed capital at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York
Product ConsultantHEC Paris Consultant for IKEA
11/2013 - 05/2014
Madrid, Spain / Moscow, Russia / Älmhult, Sweden
Consulting project for IKEA under the design brief "How can IKEA help its customers to improve their home waste management".
Created six product- stories, prototype's and business cases
Conducted multinational research analyses with 15+ field interviews
Trained honeybees to detect diseases on a human breath...
... and pitched the concept at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York in 2014 for $1 million seed capital
Travelled the world
Amongst other trips: 6,000km on a motorbike through India and 14,000km from Germany to Kyrgyzstan by car
Technical skills
Machine LearningGitHubBootstrapRuby on Rails

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5 Best components of a Project Manager Resume:

  • Experience relevant to the job you’re applying for
  • The right skills for the job (based on the posting)
  • Quantifiable achievements (Increased sales by 12%, etc)
  • Examples of what makes you unique (Your usual day or your favorite books)
  • What you’re most proud of (displayed creatively)
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What does the the perfect Attorney resume experience example look like?

What every project manager resume needs to include is a strong list of professionally presented experience. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Be Specific!

Your experience section is often the one a potential employer looks at first. So keep in mind that the rule of a thumb is to show rather than tell. Make each bullet point of your project manager resume experience section count, mentioning the impact you had in your previous positions. Make sure every point is accompanied with a concrete example. So don’t just say you’re great at communication, demonstrate it.
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Not just logical, but chronological too!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing your experience section. As we already said, one of the key things is to be as specific as possible and quantify your results. The next step is start selecting which experience to include in your project manager resume and how to order it. It's best to keep it chronological. That means starting from the most recent position and continue further down. Also, carefully select what experience you write down and don't share everything you’ve ever done. The key here is to include only what a recruiter wants to see.

What's the average experience on resumes VS job description for a Project Manager?

After we reviewed 114,000 resume examples and job offers and it appeared that an average experience for a project manager job required by employers is a bit more than 4 years. But experience which appears on bookkeepers resume is 1 year and 9 months. Don't let this discourage you, though. Often, resumes which are impact oriented have a higher chance than resumes with more experience which are vague. Just follow our advice and you'll be good to go.

Average Experience On Resumes vs Job Offers

avg. experience on resumes
avg. experience on job offers


Resume Experience Example

Best skills for a Project Manager resume

What steps to follow when adding skills to your project manager resume

  • List all the skills you believe you have.
  • Read the job description for a project manager carefully and list all the skills mentioned inside.
  • Write the skills that correlate into one place and then carefully sprinkle them in your project manager resume.

What are the top 5 skills for project manager resume:

  • project management
  • scheduling
  • budgeting
  • customer service
  • microsoft project

Top 5 Skills On Project Manager Resumes vs Job Offers

SkillIn resumesIn job offers
project management60.03%53.10%
customer service6.06%16.90%
microsoft project5.19%2.10%


Cause and Effect - Tell them how you made a difference!

Potential employers want to know what difference you'd make if you joined their company. The easiest way to show it to them is share it on your project manager resume. We already covered that it's more important than ever to write what impact you had in every bullet point of your project manager experience. The competition for good jobs is higher than ever, so don't let the best opportunity slip away. Also, use action words the employer used in the job description to stand out even more.
Resume Skills Example

Unique content ideas for a Project Manager resume

Most recruiters read dozens (if not hundreds) of resumes a day. You need to make your project manager resume stand out for the right reasons. That means showing who you are as a person, not just a professional. Recruiters and hiring managers are far more likely to remember a candidate who seems like genuine person and not just a list of previous jobs and duties. Do this by including a link to a compelling personal website, talk about your passions (which is also a great place to demonstrate skills on a resume), or even share your favorite books.
Unique Resume Example

Tell them what you’re proud of!

This is yet another great section to help you stand out. Include something interesting about yourself, show where your true passions are. You can share a story about overcoming hardship, learning an important lesson, or just a triumph you had that means a lot to you. Either way, this is one of the best places to make your project manager resume really stand out.
Make your resume stand out
It can be quite tricky to write a project manager resume. Following the golden rules and advice we shared in this guide will help you build a resume you will send with confidence.

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