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An experience program manager like Diondria faces a whole series of resume challenges. Her resume can be much longer than that of a more junior person, but how long should it be? How does she balance showing hard-won experience with showing relevance? This resume shows the way to balance all of these questions for a truly impactful program manager resume.

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Program Manager Resume

Diondria’s IT Program Manager Career

So just what makes this resume stand out from the crowd? Diondria’s program manager resume does three things particularly well.

  • 1. It shows growth

    Talking about how much you’ve grown in a role is one thing, but showing it in concrete ways is far more difficulty, Diondria does this in her experience section by showing progression to new and bigger roles within two companies over 20 years. Beyond the experience section, her certifications and publications show an ongoing devotion to self-improvement and learning. Taken together, these elements balance the two decades of experience with someone who is clearly devoted to staying on the cutting edge, a winning combination for a program manager.

  • 2. It emphasizes volunteering

    Volunteering is one of the best ways for a program manager resume to show impact, dedication, and the ability to apply skills in a wide variety of areas. Diondria makes the most of her volunteering work, applying herself to both one-on-one mentoring roles as well as larger leaderships roles. This resume shows that if you want to really stand out in a program manager role, volunteering is one of the best things to include.

  • 3. It uses personality just right

    Resumes with personality can be controversial, which is why getting the right balance for your program manager role is essential. Diondria focuses on elements of her personal life which reinforce her work, like yoga and meditation, elements of her personality and strengths, a life philosophy, and the importance of her family and community. These components add up to a program manager resume which gives a critical glimpse into Diondria as a person and as a dedicated professional.

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