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Working in digital product management has always been a passion for Ramsey. With experience doing everything from building satellites that orbit Mars to working at Hewlett-Packard, you wouldn’t imagine getting noticed would be difficult. Using his Enhancv resume, he made it to the final rounds with three companies. In the end, he found himself more connected to American Express. See what made his resume stand out below!

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Product Manager Resume

Meet Ramsey

“If I wasn’t wearing latex gloves, my fingerprints would be orbiting Mars”” It can be hard to beat that introduction. Ramsey’s target was finding a workplace that would allow him to constantly reinvent. Motivated by challenging the status quo, he has always been drawn to disruptive technology. “Good leaders don’t want yes-people...good leaders want employees to think individually and challenge them”. Now, he has taken all of his talents built up from working in the tech industry and engineering to manage products at American Express - a job where he is constantly challenging his colleagues. As a product manager, he utilised A/B testing to identify the resume format that got him the most results. “Quantitatively, I got more call backs, more-in person interviews, and I ended up getting my job at American Express using my Enhancv resume”.

  • What makes his product manager resume effective?

  • 1. It’s evidence based

    Working in digital product management means trying new things to make improvements - if you can’t bring about positive change, how suitable are you for the job? That’s why Ramsey’s evidence-based resume caught the attention of American Express. Everywhere you look, Ramsey has quantified his achievements. For example, 30% month-on-month subscriber growth while working at HP Inc. As Ramsey himself says, “ Numbers are stronger than wordy sentences”.

    Tip: Enhancv’s content analyzer will highlight achievements that do not have a significant metric attached to them.

  • 2. It demonstrates culture fit

    Employers seek out those who will thrive in their working environment. This means identifying whether your values and interests align with the company’s mission. Ramsey accomplishes this by speaking on his passions and including a short bio at the top of his resume. In his passions, he mentions disruptive technology, investing, and product/market fit. In his bio, he denotes himself as a product leader, early adopter, and innovator. In less than 15 words, these sections clearly tell you who Ramsey is. His early adoption trait tells the recruiter he is willing to go with innovation as it comes along and he is open to change. In the ever-changing world of banking, this is a necessity.

    The recruiters get to see more about him through his website. This sets him apart from other applicants who would use a LinkedIn profile; it shows he is willing to spend more time on things that matter to him. “A personal website is a differentiator. Almost everyone has a LinkedIn...through the interview process, I saw the traffic on my website go up, so I can’t help but think that it improved my chances”.

    Tip: You can include your Favorite Books or Day In The Life with Enhancv’s resume builder to show culture fit.

  • 3. It’s purposeful

    Resumes need to be fit for the purpose intended - this means they need to be specific to the job you’re applying to. Ramsey demonstrates his suitability for the role of digital product manager in his previous experience, but he doubles-down on this in his Certificates and Strengths sections. In these, he describes being SAFe Certified in Product Management and strengths in teamwork and collaboration. These strengths are essential for being an effective leader in his role at American Express.

    Tip: You can include Technologies and Volunteering on your resume with Enhancv to give a quick insight into your skills for a new position.

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