Must-Have Resume Skills for Mentor

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What phrases to use in my Mentor resume skills

  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#

How to feature Mentor resume skills

How to use Python in your mentor resume:

Participating and learning an introductory course in coding using programs like MIT Scratch, Tinker, and Python.

How to use Java in your mentor resume:

I was an assistant and mentor for Programming Basics courses at Software University with C# and JavaScript.

How to use SQL in your mentor resume:

Implemented product logic via PL/SQL

How to use HTML in your mentor resume:

HTML/Sass/Gulp/Jquery/Bootstrap for Web

How to use JavaScript in your mentor resume:

I was a Junior Fullstack Web Developer at this company using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Foundation

How to use C++ in your mentor resume:

I've moved from junior programmer to most trusted senior in C++ & Oracle PL/SQL within 4 years in Tieto. I've organized team of 5 people.

How to use CSS in your mentor resume:

Previously I have worked in various complex projects & products using PHP, HTML, CSS, VBA, MS SQL, Access, Delphi, Pascal, FoxPro..

Here’s how to include skills for Mentor resume

HTML5CSS3jQueryPreprocessors(LESS,SASS)BEMGitEcmaScript ..5,6,7,8AJAXООP JavaScriptBootstrap 3,4Mongo DBMongooseREST APIReact.jsGulpWebpack
Windows ServerIISRHELUbuntuApacheWeblogic
Adobe Suites
PhotoshopLightroom PremiereIllustratorAuditionDreamweaver
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