Must-Have Resume Skills for Marketing Manager

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What phrases to use in my Marketing Manager resume skills

  • Google Analytics
  • HTML
  • SEO
  • Excel
  • Wordpress
  • Salesforce
  • Photoshop

How to feature Marketing Manager resume skills

How to use Google Analytics in your marketing manager resume:

Performance evaluation and traffic generation. (Google Analytics Administrator). / Development and deployment of the communication plan.

How to use HTML in your marketing manager resume:

Solution Design, Project Management, CMS, SEO, SEM, Web Accessibility, HTML, JS, CSS, Java, Digital Marketing

How to use SEO in your marketing manager resume:

Build Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO practices & processes to local circus event organiser

How to use Excel in your marketing manager resume:

Automatização de planilhas (Excel VBA) para a geração dos relatórios para a disciplina.

How to use Salesforce in your marketing manager resume:

Integrated new CRM solution (Salesforce) to enhance visibility of opportunities as well as reporting, billing, contract renewal, and customer segmentation activities (representing opportunities of $20M).

How to use Photoshop in your marketing manager resume:

Utilize Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. for website and social media graphics

How to use MailChimp in your marketing manager resume:

Introduced scheduled targeted email marketing programs using MailChimp resulting in increased open and conversion rates over previous sporadic email blasts.

Here’s how to include skills for Marketing Manager resume

PhotoshopFinal Cut Pro XWordpressDrupalIllustrator/IndesignSEO/SEA
Google Analytics Outils Microsoft SAS Global CertificationPRINCE2 Agile® Google Adwords Digital Active CertificationInBound Marketing
SalesforceGoogle AnalyticsWordpressExcelWordPowerpointFB Business ManagerCMSHubspotMailchimpPhotoshopIllustratorAsana
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