An Illustrative Student Resume - Dean’s Journey to Enhancv

College Student

As far as introductions go, Dean’s student resume was the perfect icebreaker when applying to intern with us at Enhancv. His resume is an excellent overview of his past experience, current projects and future ambitions. Using this resume, Dean successfully joined Enhancv as our Marketing Intern, his first ever internship.

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Marketing Internship Resume

Meet Dean

Dean is a third-year Psychology student studying at Dublin City University in Ireland. Some of you may know him from his featured article in Fast Company in which he described how he came about working on RuPaul’s resume. However, there’s a little more to the story when it comes to starting his internship with Enhancv. Dean managed to, in his words, “find the internship of his dreams” with us after working on that resume and going through an interview where he talked us through his resume. “I’m so glad to have found my internship at Enhancv, it ticks all the boxes for me. There’s a great work culture, amazing opportunities and I get to work on pieces highlighting inspiring stories of other people finding their jobs”.

Getting to work with Dean was amazing but his resume was truly the icing on the cake. See below why we felt Dean was the perfect fit from his resume.

  • Why Dean’s Student Resume Was Effective

  • 1. It’s Passionate

    One of the things we value most in Enhancv are people that bring their passion to everything they do - including their work. There is nothing better than seeing people flourish in their position because of their own inner-drive. That’s one thing that made Dean’s resume stand out - it was brimming with passion. From describing his work with DCU LGBTA to his poetry publications, there was no denying that it was self-motivation and not obligation that drives him to achieve.

  • 2. The Perfect Balance

    Resumes are too often bereft of personality. But, when we come across resumes that beautifully blend their personality in with their accolades, that’s when we get excited. Dean spoke of his work as a ReachOut Ireland Ambassador which highlighted his ability to speak at public events, write content, and stay versatile in new environments. At the same time, he included his Most Proud Of section, which gave us insight into the things he cares for in his personal life - fronting BeLonGTo’s Stand Up Week Campaign, for example. With this, we got to see what skills Dean could bring to the company but also where he would fit in as a colleague in our team.

  • 3. It’s Experience Based

    While academic work is very important, the true-teller of someone’s ability is how they handle situations and experiences. This doesn’t have to be working in a company, as Dean’s resume shows, it can be experiences in volunteering opportunities or even in your daily life. Dean made sure to emphasise the experiences he has had through his volunteering ventures including his workshops and speaking opportunities that proved he could comprehend theory and put it into practice.

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