Professional Skills for Marketing Intern Resume - All-in-one Guide

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What phrases to use in my Marketing Intern resume skills

  • Google Analytics
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photoshop
  • Word
  • Salesforce
  • Social Media

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How to use Google Analytics in your marketing intern resume:

Experienced in identifying trends, optimizing performance and also in analyzing metrics in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics

How to use Excel in your marketing intern resume:

Reporting tasks (Daily Report, Weekly Sales Report, Home Page Report). Use of GA and Excel

How to use Microsoft Office in your marketing intern resume:

Microsoft Office & QuickBooks advanced proficiency

How to use Photoshop in your marketing intern resume:

Changing and Approving the Creative images for the website ( Briefing, Creating and Uploading Images on the website). Use of Photoshop

How to use Word in your marketing intern resume:

Reached 18% increase in traffic user by optimizing the company's SEO on specific high volume keywords

How to use Salesforce in your marketing intern resume:

Tracked new business leads on

How to use Social Media in your marketing intern resume:

Handled multiple social media accounts.

How to feature Marketing Intern resume skills

PythonRTableauGoogle AnalyticsGithubMS OfficeWeeblySQLSAP
Social Media
ROI ReportingPress Release WritingSprout SocialEvent CoordinationSquarespaceAdobe InDesignMailchimp Newsletter CreationWordpressTweetdeckStampReady Newsletter CreationCanvaHootsuitePhotography
Detail-OrientedConfident PresenterStrong WriterStrategic Problem SolverMindful LeaderTrusted Client Partner
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