A Marketing Consultant Resume with a Clear Mission


Louis' marketing resume example shows he's not just an accomplished but that his career has a clear mission behind it. That mission binds together his projects from Everyone Hates Marketers, his current work at Hotjar, and his achievements to create a story with impact.

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Marketing Consultant Resume

Why Louis’ Marketing Resume Works

Three things come together to make this resume an effective example for marketers and consultants.

  • Step 1: Combining Experience and Projects

    Using both sections really shows both what Louis accomplished in his full time jobs as well as in his outside projects. While the full time work makes it clear that Louis knows how to perform in a 9-5, his side projects show his passion for his work. The result is a picture of someone who’s dedicated and results-driven.

  • Step 2: Telling a coherent story

    While it’s often useful to show a variety of skills and interests in a marketing resume, Louis’ focus helps his resume example stand out. Nearly everything on his resume points to the mission he makes clear right at the top of his resume.

  • Step 3: Focusing on Impact

    Throughout his resume, Louis does what every marketing consultant resume should do: show the impact. From how many episodes of his podcast he’s released to how much revenue he bootstrapped, Louis shows how marketers show what they can do and stand out.

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Why Resume Examples Are Better Than Resume Templates

When it’s time to create a resume, the first search most people make is for a template. If your goal is to get hired, taking the time to look at resume examples and create something worthy of the job you want is the better bet.

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