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Not everyone can say they’ve moved to a new country for a job - but that’s exactly what Lidijá did when she got hired at Tata Consultancy Services (TCC) in Budapest, Hungary. It was important for her to craft a resume that would set her apart from other applicants and quash recruiters’ concerns on her move. Now working in IT Support, Lidijá has her Enhancv resume to thank for her “beautifully minimalistic and tidy one-page resume

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IT Support Resume

Lidijá path to working in IT support

If Lidijá could tell her past-self some advice to get noticed by recruiters, she’d say to “put some soul in it, not just dry information.. juice it up” Luckily, she came across Enhancv in an article on Lifehacker a number of months ago. Applying for her job after creating her resume was a piece of cake from there. “I remember I clicked on apply on LinkedIn for this job, uploaded my resume created in Enhancv, and someone from their HR called me in less than 10 minutes.” Now, she’s working in a job she loves and has started a new chapter of her life in Budapest.

  • What makes Lidijá’s IT support resume effective?

  • 1. It demonstrates impact

    Recruiters are looking to see your potential impact on their bottom-line. With this in mind, it’s essential for you to describe your impact in previous roles. Lidijá did just that when discussing her Projects in which she worked with her previous employer “the Hungarian government and the Hungarian National Council.” Not only did this give insight into the breadth of her impact, but it gives tangible evidence of previous roles she has been involved in. Not everyone is skilled enough to coordinate a project of this magnitude.
    Tip: Quantify your achievements by including percentages and numbers in your previous experience. E.g., increased sales by 15% in two months.

  • 2. It features an effective resume header

    Your resume header provides the recruiter with the essential contact information. While it can be difficult to write a bad resume header, it can be difficult to craft an effective one. Lidija provides the recruiter with a professional email, her phone number, and also provides a link directly to her LinkedIn. This was important in getting her job as we learned previously, she HR department called her in less than 10 minutes from submitting her application. This ensured the recruiter could get in contact with her and delve deeper into her experience using LinkedIn.
    Tip: Want to learn how to make best use of your resume header so you get a call from a recruiter? Check out our post on perfecting your resume header

  • 3. It features individuality

    As Lidijá says herself, your resume is “about you and not just about a random blob of skills.“ Bringing your personality across and giving insight into who you are more than what you do allows the recruiter to assess culture fit, determine your impact on team dynamics, and in some cases, determine your suitability for the position. For Lidijá, bringing her sensibility across was essential as she’s working in IT Support. Communicating with the public each day, it was important for the recruiter to learn things about her and assess her relatability. She brought this individuality across by including her personal photo and mentioning using “Slackware Linux”. As Lidijá explains, “I included that as a code word knowing no one will notice it except someone who used it themselves, using Slackware back was not for the faint of heart.”
    Tip: You can make use of Enhancv’s signature section - My Most Proud Of - to describe career achievements that blend professionality and personality seamlessly. Check out other resume headings you can use to stand out.

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