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Project Manager

Working in sales is nothing new to Adam. Having worked in healthcare sales for many years, he knew what it took to be successful in the sector: adaptability, relationship building, and coming into work with a positive mindset. Using his Enhancv resume, Adam showed these skills and secured a job at Software AG, where he’s been able to find the perfect balance of B2B sales and account management.

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Meet Adam

“Something I try to live by - always be positive, always expect good things and they will find you in due course”. That’s the motto that Adam lives his life by. We can see how this has played into his work ethic and career pursuits. From working in Securistore doing “anything at all for extra cash” to managing sales in a “tightly regulated” healthcare sector, he has always kept his mind open to possibilities. That’s what led him to his Enhancv resume. “They had never seen a CV like worked in my favour”.

  • What makes his IT resume effective?

  • 1. It is customized for the position

    Companies value employees who put in the effort. So it’s no surprise they value candidates who take the time to tailor their resume to the position they’re applying for. Adam highlights this as one of the key reasons he got offered an interview at Software AG. “The fact that it was completely custom made for the company I was applying for...they genuinely wanted to know more than what they saw”. This customization is visible almost everywhere you look on his resume. From his short bio that introduces him as a professional salesperson with 2+ years of experience in IT, to his top skills of Cold Calling, Technological Competence, and Account Management. This is an IT Sales resume tailor-made for the job.

    Tip: You can match your resume’s color scheme to your potential employer’s brand using Enhancv’s template customizer. Pavel did this when getting hired at

  • 2. It demonstrates his culture fit

    The need for employees to acclimate to a company’s culture is becoming more and more prominent - especially in the area of sales. It’s important for employers to know you’ll be able to represent the organisation well and the best bet for this is to see how your values and interests line up with those of the company. Adam shows who he is using his Top Books, Top Passions, and My Day At Work. His top books show where he has gained knowledge and his dedication to honing his craft. His top passions shows what motivates him both inside and outside of the office. Finally, his day at work section clearly demonstrates how he dedicates time in getting results for an employer.
    Tip: You can customize your Top Books section to include your Favorite Podcasts or Mentors in a quick visual segment to impress employers.

  • 3. It quantifies his achievements and impact

    If you’re working in Sales, you need to show how you can deliver. Simply stating you were in charge of Customer Accounts and B2B sales won’t show an employer what did in that role. Adam avoids this mistake by attaching a significant metric to almost every duty he mentions in his prior experience. From increasing market share by 8% in ten months all the way to measuring £300,000 monthly revenue, the hard evidence is there. This way, the employer sees that you can improve their business and will be more likely to offer you an interview.

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