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Growth marketing is all about demonstrating value. Andre shows the power of data over buzzwords. But in his role as a marketing manager at Microsoft, he knows how hard it is to show your value alongside your personality. But what exactly made his resume so effective?

Andre Nunes Pedro's resume preview

How Andre uses his growth marketing resume

Andre was the very first user who told us they keep their resume up to date “in case something worth applying for appears and I’d need one right away.” He has a good point! Keeping your resume up to date means constantly adding new achievements to it, which motivates you to do even better. That’s a sign of a growth mindset. But what else can we learn from Andre’s story and apply it to our own resumes?

  • 1. Show what you’re proud of

    One thing Andre attributes his resume’s success to is his use of the Most Proud Of section. “This lets you show your personality and qualities employers look for nowadays,” he pointed out. Especially in growth marketing, personality and drive are the factors that help you stand out.

    To apply Most Proud Of to your own resume, think about the situations and events in your life that really stood out, you learned a lesson from them, or you acquired a new skill through them. Depending on the job you’re applying for, you can then choose 2-3 which will put you in a good light in the eyes of your potential employer. Andre does this really well by showing leadership (captain of a football team), growth mindset (launching 3 projects in a first year at Microsoft), and hard work (awarded as the most entrepreneurial student).

  • 2. Quantify your results

    We mention this over and over again but job seekers are still forget about this important step. Throughout Andre’s resume, you can see tangible data and the real impact he had in everything he does.

    Quantifying your results is a crucial element of your resume, mainly because it differentiates you from the others applying for the same position. You’ve worked in growth marketing for the past 10 years? Great, but what you actually achieve for the company you worked in is much more interesting for me as an employer. This way I’d know what you can bring to the table.

  • 3. Add visual components

    Traditional resume have been around for years. We’re so used to it that switching to something different might be hard. This was the case for Andre. But once he showed his revamped resume to his colleagues at Microsoft, they all loved it. “I learned that we don’t always need to listen to what all university career departments say. Just go with something fresh that catches the eye,” he mentioned.

    When it comes to your own resume, don’t be scared to add icons or a simple background to it. The majority of hiring managers will appreciate it.

Why Resume Examples Are Better Than Resume Templates

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