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Freelance Web Developer Resume Samples & Examples for 2021 (Guide Included)

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Most businesses need web systems that helps them achieve their revenue goals.

An excellent freelance web developer can make that need a reality.

Being a freelance web developer is also a job that many people want.

You get to be your own boss, collaborate with clients in different industries, and work from home if you wanted to.

Landing a new web development project requires you to stand out among all the other freelance web developers.


By creating a freelance web developer resume that accomplishes two key goals:

  • Shows your range of technical and soft skills
  • Builds trust with the client through past experience

If you can’t prove that you have these two factors, you won’t land the project.

This guide will help you write a freelance web developer resume that will have clients knocking on your door.

This Freelance Web Developer Resume Guide Will Teach You:

  • 6+ examples of successful freelance web developer resumes
  • How to personalize your resume for the client
  • Secret method to make your resume stand out against other candidates
  • 21+ ideas of technical and soft skills to use in your resume

Freelance Web Developer Resume Samples

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How to Write a Client-Winning Freelance Web Developer Resume

You are the visionary that brings a brand’s ideas to life in the form of a web application or website.

Your resume shows how you’ve done this for other clients in the past.

Web development projects require technical programming skills and creativity.

Successful freelance web developers have resumes that prove they’re both technically competent and have the soft skills needed to work with a client.

You may be a Python and C++ wizard, but if you lack the communication skills to report back to your client, they won’t want to work with you.

Highlight your communication and collaboration skills in your work experience section.

That’s not to say that your technical skills are not important.

They will be the driving force for getting you hired for the project you want.

Take a look at the project/job description to see what technical skills the client is looking for, and tailor your resume to emphasize those skills.

Here’s What a Client Will Look For In Your Resume

  • Have you successfully built web apps and/or websites before?
  • Do you have the soft skills needed to make working with you easy?
  • Have you made a positive, measurable impact before with your web development projects?
  • Is there somewhere they can go to see your experience in action? Github profile or portfolio site?

The Most Important Sections of a Freelance Web Developer Resume:

  • Clear, easy to read format
  • Resume summary that tells your story
  • Resume experience that proves you’re trustworthy
  • Range of technical and soft skills

Tips for Writing a Captivating Freelance Web Developer Resume Header

Your header is the first thing potential clients will read after picking up your resume.

Let’s say you’re applying for a project that will have you creating a new website for a popular ecommerce brand.

Your header originally looks like this:

Julie Smith
Web Developer


London, UK

This resume header falls short of its full potential.

It provides only the bare-minimum and it doesn’t give your potential client a chance to discover more about you.

Let’s try again.

Julie Smith
Freelance Full Stack Web Developer



London, UK

This header is excellent because of three key things:

  • Identifies that you’re a freelancer - not a prospective employee
  • Descriptive about your ability to be a full stack web developer (tailor to your own speciality)
  • Includes your Github profile link so the client can discover your projects

How to Choose the Right Format for Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

If a client can’t easily scan your resume, it will just go straight to the trash bin.

Choosing the right layout for your freelance web developer resume is essential to getting a call back.

Your resume must be:

  • Easy to read
  • Have clear sections
  • Saved in the correct format

No one wants to read a wall of text.

Make your resume scannable with bullet points, white space, and short 1-2 sentence paragraphs.

Use a clear font, like Times New Roman or Arial and make the text at least 11pt size or higher.

Save your resume as a PDF so the format stays the same, no matter where it’s being opened.

And that’s it! Simple tips, but they will go a long way in making a great impression on the client.

Tell Your Story in Your Freelance Web Developer Resume Summary

The average freelance web developer resume summary tends to go either two ways. They’re either basic, generic, and don’t include enough information… or, they’re packed with “fluff” words that are meant to make them sound intelligent, but it really doesn’t say anything about their achievements.

By avoiding these two pitfalls, you can write a resume summary that will wow your potential client.

Write a summary that tells your story, by briefly mentioning who you are, what kind of positive impact you have made in the past, and why you’re interested in the project you’re applying for.

Here are two summary upgrades that will impress the client:

  • Include measurable data showing the impact of your past projects
  • Mirror the same keywords they used in the job posting

2 Freelance Web Developer Resume Samples - Summary

Here’s a sample of the typical web developer resume summary:

Experienced freelance web developer ready to create web systems for your company needs.

This example will not land you the client. Why not?

  • It’s basic and generic.
  • It doesn’t tell a story about you.
  • There’s no mention of past projects or measurable success.
  • It isn’t personalized to the project you’re applying for.

This summary will inspire the client to book a call with you:

Experienced full stack freelance web developer with a track record of producing excellent results for 6+ years. Created an ecommerce web app that boosted sales by 30%. Increased user experience satisfaction by 68% from a website redesign for a coworking space. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, working with teams of 50+ people. I’m motivated to make a positive impact on Treeline’s revenue through the customer web portal development project.

This summary stands out from the crowd. With a compelling story like that, the client will be jumping at the opportunity to work with you on their customer web portal project.

Let’s walk through what makes it so impactful:

  • It describes exactly who you are, what your specialty is and how many years of experience you have.
  • It mentions specific past projects where you made a measurable impact on the business.
  • It touches on your soft skills, such as communication, inspiring trust in the client.
  • You’ve added a personal touch for the client at the end, showing your dedication to making their project a success.
PRO TIPMention the success of your past relevant projects in your summary to show the client that you’re qualified to do a great job on their own project.

Measurable Data Is Key on a Freelance Web Developer Resume

Add measurable data to support your points in your resume.

It’s one of the best ways to stand out from other candidates.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How many prototypes of new product features did you create?
  • Did you improve work efficiency? By how much?
  • Did you increase company sales with your web projects?
  • Did you reduce costs? By how much?

Quantitative data fits perfectly in both your summary and experience sections.

Let’s talk about how to write an effective experience section now.

How Should You Describe Your Freelance Web Developer Resume Experience?

When writing about your experience, focus on explaining what web development projects you have worked on in the past. You can then relate your past success to the project you’re applying for currently.

Speak in a tone that’s easy for anyone to understand. It can be tempting to flex your technical skills by throwing in industry jargon, but most clients won’t have the same technical knowledge that you do. They’re hiring a freelance web developer as the expert for a reason.

So, what is important to a client?

Getting a positive return on their investment.

They want to know that the money they’re investing in this web project will bring in even more revenue in the future.

They simply want to trust that you can make a positive impact on their business goals. That’s exactly what your experience section should prove.

Your freelance web developer resume experience section should highlight several things:

  • What projects you’ve done
  • How you’ve done it
  • What results you produced for the client/company

Let’s check out two examples to see our tips in action.

2 Freelance Web Developer Resume Experience Samples

Freelance Web DeveloperKitchen Essentials Inc.
03/2012 - 08/2012
San Diego, CA
Managed multiple web development projects
Worked with managers through email communication
Used multiple programming languages: Python, Java, C++

This experience section doesn’t inspire any confidence to whoever is reading. It’s basic, only lists their tasks for the project, and it doesn’t mention what positive impact was made.

When writing your experience descriptions, ask yourself, how did you help your past clients achieve their goals with your work?

Freelance Web DeveloperKitchen Essentials Inc.
03/2012 - 08/2012
San Diego, CA
Constructed an ecommerce web app that let customers virtually design their own kitchens and buy products directly, increasing sales by 90%
Worked closely with the client on their vision to rebuild company website, improving user experience by 60%
Successfully created 15+ prototypes of new product features

After reading this experience blurb, your future client will trust that you’re the one for the job.

It checks all the boxes:

  • It’s descriptive about the types of projects you worked on
  • It shows the measurable impact you made for the client

Does Your Freelance Web Developer Resume Need an Education Section?

Experience is more important than education as a freelance web developer, but it’s still a good idea to include the section on your resume.

You don’t need formal education to be a trusted freelance web developer… as long as you have a list of successful projects to make up for it.

That being said, if you do have formal education, list it on your resume to give the client more confidence in your abilities.

The education section is more important if you don’t have enough experience yet. Emphasize your qualifications, course projects, and GPA.

Skills to Highlight in Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

You need to show the right mix of technical and soft skills in your resume. One without the other won’t show the client that you’re a well-rounded candidate that’s easy to work with.

13 Technical Skills to Include on a Freelance Web Developer Resume

  1. Programming Languages: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Java, JQuery, C++, CSS, Ruby, HTML, Python
  2. Software Architecture
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  5. Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator
  6. Wordpress
  7. Vector Graphics
  8. Front End Framework
  9. DNS Management
  10. ASP.Net
  11. Prototyping
  12. Wireframing
  13. Debugging

9 Soft Skills to Include on a Freelance Web Developer Resume

  1. Motivated
  2. Strong work ethic
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Problem solving
  5. Written and verbal communication
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Team player
  8. Project management
  9. Self-starter

Promoting Your Portfolio in Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

The ultimate goal for your resume is to get the client to check out your projects.

Include links to your open-source projects on Github to make it easy for the client to discover.

Make sure you triple check that the links are correct and working!

Summary: What Are the Key Points to Remember When Creating Your Freelance Web Developer Resume?

  • Take a close look at the job posting and use the same keywords the client uses throughout your resume
  • Focus on the positive measurable impact you made for former clients
  • Include a balanced mix of technical and soft skills to show you’re well-rounded
  • Include links to your Github projects for more context

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