2020's Guide to Financial Reporting Resume Skills

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Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Financial Reporting skills for resume]

  • SAP
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • MS Office
  • Word
  • HTML

How to feature Financial Reporting resume skills

How to use SAP in your financial reporting resume:

Revisar e lançar no sistema SAP e no sistema de reporte do Grupo, todas as informações vindas do exterior;

How to use Excel in your financial reporting resume:

Spearheaded the financial reporting production of the 4 Enterprise Modernization/Long Term Value initiatives for the IMO Finance team and collaborated with procurement, finance governance, consultants & senior management with excellent feedback.

How to use Tableau in your financial reporting resume:

Validated all financial datasets across all segments company wide to the IT Expense Planning Hyperion System & created tableau reports for data visualizations.

How to use SQL in your financial reporting resume:

Ensuring management and training of 8 PL/SQL developers.

How to use Word in your financial reporting resume:

Projects founded by UN , Word Bank , European Union , GTZ Help the company to establish of a correct financial statements Fields visits Validation of expenditure Evaluation of purchase and procurement procedures Ensure the compliance with financing agreements and enforcement manual clauses Report writing

How to use HTML in your financial reporting resume:

Learnt HTML and Javascript in order to automate the collection of stakeholder details into Salesforce.

How to use Oracle in your financial reporting resume:

Revamped the accounting and reporting manual on completion of Temenos implementation & release up-grade of Oracle Financials.

Here’s how to include skills for Financial Reporting resume

Development Tools
PL/SQL DeveloperLeafletMS OfficeXMLHTMLWindows ServerRemote DesktopOmnisPower BuilderAb Initio Express>ITAb Initio MDHRational System Architect V11.2Archi
Management Tools
JiraSVNFogbugzHRWebMS Visual SourceSafeMS Project
Microsoft Office
ExcelWord Power PointOutlook Access DatabaseSkype for Business
MerivalGCRSSAPAvaloqEssbaseBusiness ObjectsFIRE Risk Management SystemsJIRAConfluence
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