A Network Engineer’s Military to Civilian Resume

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Marcellus’ resume tells two stories: how he transitioned from his military to civilian career and how he’s advanced within the network engineering field. He’s gone from the Superconducting Super Collider to work in India and at major US firms like ESPN. His resume is a great example of someone who takes well-calculated risks and gets results.

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Network Engineer Resume

Why Marcellus’ Network Engineering Resume Works

How do you tell the story of a 33 year career in two pages? It starts with focusing on what’s most important. For Marcellus, that includes not just career accomplishments but other personal achievements as well. The result is a standout example of a network engineering resume.

  • Step 1: It shows dedication in unique ways

    From advancing within the field of network engineering to spending over a year exploring new opportunities in India, Marcellus’ resume is a great example of dedication. His resume shows, instead of tells, that he’s a consummate professional who’s always seeking new ways to advance within his field.

  • Step 2: It demonstrates a level of boldness

    Seeing a resume with so many years in network engineering might make you think someone is resistant to change. But Marcellus’ resume exemplifies how to balance that consistency with events like his work in India, obtaining a patent, or advancing to more senior levels in his career, all of which show boldness.

  • Step 3: It shows career evolution

    From the moment he transitioned from military to civilian work, his resume shows how Marcellus has sought out new opportunities. Along the way, he shows the impact he had on each role and how he applied the learnings from previous roles in new ways.

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