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Updated on 2021-01-14

You’ve got years of experience and want to become a digital marketing director. The increased salary looks nice and you’ll have more flexibility to try new things.

But you’re not getting called in for interviews.

There’s a few things which could be going wrong:

  • Your resume is written for the wrong kind of company/audience
  • You’re framing your experience around responsibilities
  • You’re throwing around jargon instead of clearly explaining your value

One digital marketing consultant explains a classic mistake like this:

The people hiring you are just as scared about their lack of knowledge in digital marketing as you are. Digital marketing is new, and new things are scary. Concentrate on how you can make things less scary for both parties, and you will get hired.
- Jeff Sauer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Teacher

Now that’s not always going to be the case. Generally if you’re applying at a digital marketing agency, they’re going to know their stuff inside and out. But if you’re applying at a company which doesn’t do digital marketing well, this is critical advice.

If you’re applying somewhere without a lot of knowledge about digital marketing, don’t overawe them and throw industry jargon in their face. Clearly explain your value and how you’ll make things easy for them.

The larger point is that your resume needs to be perfect, perfectly tailored for its audience. This guide shows you how to do that.

This digital marketing director resume guide will teach you:

 ✔ How to put yourself in the shoes of the people hiring you to be a more effective applicant.

 ✔ What subtle resume header additions can make your resume far more effective.

 ✔ How to write a professional summary that explains why they should hire you.

 ✔ What makes digital marketing work experience stand out to recruiters.

 ✔ How to leverage skills and certifications to make yourself a stronger applicant.

Digital marketing director resume sample

Frederick Nyong'o
GA & Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Director


Twitter.com/frednyongo, Linkedin.com/frednyongo

Digital Marketing DirectorBlanchetteSaaS marketing platform with contextualized, personalized messaging.
Part of the core team responsible for the 2013 rebrand
Opened new business into North American market $100k USD
Increased Total Policies sold 77% of weeks in 2016 Y-O-Y
Closed won +€1.6m euro of new business in 2015
Created Training Manuals on Digital Marketing and provided annual training to a team, of 300
Digital Marketing DirectorKoepp IncA Performance Marketing Network working with regional communication agencies, leading brands, and marketers.
Achieved 135,000 ticket sales per month, peaked at 200,000 in Dec 15
Lowered Lead Cost 74% of weeks in 2016 Y-O-Y
Created new digital ad plan which increased online engagement by a factor of 10, while reducing costs by 20%
Awarded ‘Business Website of the Year’ at the 2014 Good Web Guide Awards
Digital Marketing Manager (Strategy & UA)Rau-Ward
Increased visibility leading a 45% reduction in the normal sales cycle.
Semi-Pro Showjumper
10 years of dedication, competing in the prestigious Kreismeisterschaft.
Set up Dublin Bookclub
Set up Google Noogler book club to bring together 7 countries' worth of eclectic book choices, including trip to Bath Literature Festival.
Jordi Labanda Sunglasses
Developed Mobile Friendly eCommerce site for Barcelona artist Jordi Labanda.
Courage I had
to launch a one-of-a-kind kids' health program and free kids fun run
Inspiring others
teaching hundreds of kids the value of goal setting and building a team of hard working board members
Spark Energy's growth
Playing a major role in growing Spark's market share and customer acquisition and retention efforts.
B.S. in MarketingUniversity of Toledo
2008 - 2012
Toledo, OH
Specialized in E-commerce Sales
MS in Online Marketing London School of Economics
Led a team of 6 through the successful redesign of the site in 9 months; it was a significant improvement in user experience, leading to improved communications and new business.
TandemSeven Staffing Board
Led an internal initiative to visualize a dynamic staffing board for greater transparency into current and future projects, foster cross-team collaboration and improve the knowledge sharing between disciplines.

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The best digital marketing director resumes should...

Your resume needs to focus on your work experience. If you don’t have enough to fill an experience section, you’re probably not ready for a director position.

That said, a reverse-chronological resume layout is ideal for digital marketing directors. This puts your experience front and center.

On top of that, sections about side projects, skills, and certifications can help bolster that core work experience as well as show passion and personality.

The top digital marketing director resume sections

  1. Digital marketing work experience
  2. Professional summary
  3. Certifications
  4. Side projects
  5. Soft and technical skills
  6. Education

You’re underestimating the importance of your resume header

Name, location, email, title, what could go wrong?

Honestly, it’s not about what’s wrong, it’s about missed opportunities.

Sure, a straightforward resume header with the basics isn’t going to torpedo your chances of getting hired, but it’s not going to help them either.

Look at these two examples to see what we mean:

Frederick Nyong'o
GA & Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Director

+359 88 888 8888


Twitter.com/frednyongo, Linkedin.com/frednyongo

London, England
Frederick Nyong'o
Digital Marketing Director

+359 88 888 8888


London, England

Adding certifications and sites shows you’re competent, proud, and involved. Ideally, they can click on those links and see you involved in communities and groups about digital marketing.

Optimizing your resume header with certifications is a fantastic way to stand above the crowd for whom marketing is “just a day job.”

Plus, you can accomplish all of this before the hiring manager even gets past your resume header!

Show you can write and tell your story in your professional summary

When you’re applying for a leadership position, and that too marketing - you need to be highly presentable.

Every line, every bullet and every thing on your resume’s real estate should scream that you’re flawless.

The first thing where a hiring manager would make the first-real-impression is your resume summary.

Simon Lewis puts it this way:

Your personal profile summary should read: ‘Your clients need to hire me because…’ Nail this and you’ll nail your dream job.
- Simon Lewis, Co-founder, Only Marketing Jobs

Also, when you write your summary, try to put yourself in the shoes of the person deciding to hire you.

How can you make their job easy? How can you give them a reason to hire you?

Here’s a resume summary that we commonly see across digital marketing director resumes.

I’m an experienced digital marketing manager looking to be hired for a digital marketing director position.

It doesn’t add any useful information so it essentially wastes the hiring manager’s time.

Digital marketing manager with 8+ years experience creating and executing digital marketing strategies with a focus on paid campaigns and content-driven SEO for ecommerce. Looking to bring marketing and management skills to grow organic traffic to match and surpass top competitors.

The second example is focused on quickly explaining the type of experience you have and what value you intent to provide to the company looking to hire you.

It shows that you’ve researched their marketing challenges and already have an idea of what they need to achieve.

In other words, the first example answers the question “why should we hire you?”

PRO TIPNever waste the hiring manager’s time. If something doesn’t add value, it’s wasting their time.

How should you frame your digital marketing experience?

Your experience will now expand on top of your resume summary and what you possibly add within your resume header.

If you said that you are Google Ads certified, now would be a good time to display what you did in Google Ads with results you achieved.

Similarly, you can explain on your broad marketing experience and team management skills to display the scale and impact you made as well.

A resume experience is just like a really small KPI report that gives a glanceable view of your performance, innovation and success factors.

Let’s quickly go over two resume experience samples to see the difference.

2 Director of digital marketing resume examples

Digital Marketing DirectorWhitebox ecommerce
06/2015 - 09/2018
Baltimore, MD
Company Description
Led a team of 8 to boost ecommerce sales by 144% in two years via content marketing and link building.
Use retargeting and CRO to increase LTV of customers by 32%
Developed new on-boarding program, increasing employee satisfaction by 34% while improving team performance metrics

The value this person provides and their skillsets are both crystal clear here. Now let’s look at the same work experience but written with the focus on responsibilities and not measurable outcomes:

Digital Marketing DirectorWhitebox ecommerce
06/2015 - 09/2018
Baltimore, MD
Company Description
Responsible for managing a team of 8
Increased ecommerce sales
Improved employee on-boarding

Just reframing your experience and including success metrics makes a massive difference in how hiring managers view your work experience.

Does your digital marketing director resume need an education section?

Yes and no.

Nobody is hiring a digital marketing director because they finished a degree in marketing 10 years ago. Still, if you have a relevant degree you should include it (especially if it was from a well-known school), just leave off details like your GPA.

Experience by far trumps education.
- Dan McGaw, CMO of Effin Amazing

How should you decide which skills to include and emphasize?

The question here is, what kind of marketing team are you going to be expected to lead?

What size (the larger the team, the more management you’ll be expected to do)?

What are its goals, what channels does it excel at and which does it need to work on?

Your skills should be framed around the answers to these questions.