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Data science is a relatively new area in the tech world. This leaves us wondering, how do you create a data science resume? Pavel spoke with us on this challenge and highlighted that there aren’t a lot of resources on data science positions - until now. He utilised his resume to get hired at as a data science analyst. Today, we share with you exactly what his resume did to make this happen, and how you can do the same.

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Data Analyst Resume

The data scientist from the stars

Growing up, Pavel was fascinated by the solar system and the things that exist outside of earth. “Exploring space is the most exciting thing anyone could ever imagine”. It’s no wonder he was driven to the area of data science. People see a lot of things in data, but spotting opportunities is his forte. “I could look into the data of people booking apartments and hotels and identify certain opportunities to help customers and the business”. Similar to how he would show his friends the craters of the Moon and watch their wonder, Pavel now spots patterns in data to help create a better experience for their users. Now, he loves where he works, and is surrounded by an amazing leadership team and great people. One of the stepping stones to getting there, as Pavel mentions, was creating his resume.

  • Why Pavel’s Data Scientist Resume Was Effective

  • 1. It satisfied the job description

    Your resume is your answer booklet to the questions set out by the job description. This should take priority. Pavel took the job description and distilled it into categories of things that need to be addressed; data analytics, statistics, and more. He then highlighted online courses in statistics and machine learning he completed through Udacity and Coursera and gave spotlight to his analyst work on public bike sharing. This showed that he had the experience to rise to the challenges the vacancy would bring. He also satisfied the job description in other ways, as mentioned in number 3.

  • 2. It takes a two-pronged approach

    Resumes have two main components: aesthetics and content. Pavel highlights that his Enhancv resume was the perfect balance between the two and avoided the problem of sacrificing one for the other. Each section is laid out in a simple way and the experience mentioned is explained in simple, measurable terms.

  • 3. It injects him into his role

    Recruiters aim to find the person that will fit the job opening best. One way to convince them that you are this person is to position yourself like you’re in the role already. Pavel achieves this by matching as many details of his potential employer as possible. “Booking’s main colour is dark blue so I used the same accent color in my resume as well”.. Collectively, this made it easy for the recruiter to see the potential fit and increased the likelihood to get invited to the initial interview.

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