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Customer support representatives need to juggle a lot of tasks: communicating with clients, liaising with upper management, keeping up-to-date with tech, and much more. It takes a dedicated person to excel in the field. Siawash (Sia for short) brilliantly demonstrates he has what it takes through his resume as he details his extensive work history and gives insight into his personality. How do you write an effective customer support resume? See three of Sia’s key points.

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Meet Sia

Motivated by “having an impact on the lives of customers”, Sia was drawn to the role of Customer Success Manager to get first-hand experience. His friendly sensibility and eagerness to collaborate with others meshed perfectly with the customer success world as he is tasked with finding consensus with customers with their related concerns. Sia utilised his resume as the perfect “door opener” with recruiters at SAP to negotiate the career that settles him as the first point of contact with customers.

  • What Sia’s Customer Support Resume Does Right

  • 1. It highlights his adaptability

    Customer support can change daily with its own set of challenges and criteria to fulfill. With this in mind, customer support representatives need to be able to adapt to their changing environment and find creative solutions. Sia emphasises his adaptability in his Languages section, where we learn he is proficient in German, English and Farsi. His adaptability also comes through in his work experience, where it is clear that he has held several positions with SAP all of which come with their own unique focus.

  • 2. It conveys his personality

    Customers feel better cared for when their customer support representative is welcoming and approachable. Being able to identify a potential employee’s personality is important in this case for recruiters. Sia brings his personality across by including his photo and hobbies. This way, the recruiter gets to see both the work he does and the type of person he is. This helps in the process of determining fit within the company and approachability for customers.

  • 3. It’s detail oriented

    Details are tremendously important when providing quality customer support. It’s important for representatives to stay organised and keep on top of all ongoing issues. Sia brings this quality to his resume as he details his career trajectory in SAP starting in 2012 up until now. He includes projects he has worked on in previous roles (e.g., The Blueprint Project”) and describes each role he has been in charge of. Therefore, the recruiter knows that he is committed to the success of the firm (no matter what role he is in) and is able to successfully manage whatever tasks are thrown his way.

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