2020's Guide to Counselor Resume Skills

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Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Counselor skills for resume]

  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word
  • Facebook
  • PowerPoint
  • Twitter
  • Leadership

How to feature Counselor resume skills

How to use Excel in your counselor resume:

Effectively created collaborative learning environments for students in online courses to promote academic excellence and social change.

How to use Microsoft Office in your counselor resume:

Topics of training were DOS, Writing Batch Files, Novell administration, Networking concepts, Installation and configuration of Novell servers, Introduction to OS/2, Unix and Microsoft Office.

How to use Word in your counselor resume:

Created new student-facing WordPress website that aggregated existing information, refined it for the specific student population, and formatted in a more user-friendly layout

How to use Facebook in your counselor resume:

Increased Facebook followers by 192% and Twitter followers by 766% from April 2014 through November 2015

How to use PowerPoint in your counselor resume:

I mainly focus on grammar rules and I have developed my own techniques of explaining grammar. I use PowerPoint presentations a lot, which helps my students to visualize new information.

How to use Leadership in your counselor resume:

Served in Leadership roles and committees within the University and Counseling Profession.

How to use Python in your counselor resume:

Use Python to conduct a systematic search of the COMPTEL data for evidence of polarization from solar flares.

What phrases to use in my Counselor resume skills

Audit tools
IAuditorSite Audit ProInspectorNordsafetyGensuiteByggeriets Sikkerhedsplayer
Office Packages & IT
WordExcelPower PointOneNoteOutlookNearpodTouchcastPathbrite
TeamworkLeadershipCommunicationDecision MakingProblem SolvingAnalytical ThinkingCreativityProactive Thinking
Outlook™Word™Excel™PowerPoint™Office 365™The Education Edge™ (blackbaud)
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