Counselor Resume Samples, Templates and Guide for 2020

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An Counselor resume has to go beyond the basic certifications employers expect. You need to demonstrate that you can have an impact in your roles and are a good culture fit. This means carefully studying the job and the company offering it before crafting a resume that fits it perfectly.

Phil Brooks
+359 88 888 8888
Woodland Hills, CA
Senior Enrollment CounselorPadberg
2018 - Ongoing
Woodland Hills, CA
Padberg is the largest private University in North America, offering over 20 undergraduate and graduate degree programs — online and locations nationwide.
Placed 40 student/athletes to NCAA Division 1-3 schools
Led daily enrichment programs and tutored 20 10-year-old students
Managed all 504 Plans
Managed daily operations along side 2 other employees.
Evaluated and made decisions on 1,200 freshmen applications per year
Academic Counselor, SeniorRau-Ward
2017 - 2018
Woodland Hills, CA
Rau-Ward is the largest private University in North America. An accredited academic institution that accommodates the lives of busy working adults, offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs - online and locations nationwide.
Co-managed downtown visitor kiosk during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
Through Hard work and better counseling achieve more than given target that is 800 and we achieved 1240.
Student CounselorHeller
2015 - 2017
Woodland Hills, CA
Heller is a tuition center for high school students who take the university entrance exam
Offered consultations to 100+ high school students regarding university application process
Developed 2 US Women's Youth National Team players
Education CounselorCrist
2014 - 2015
Woodland Hills, CA
Crist is a world leader in assisting international students to find the right overseas study option for them. An established specialist in Study in Australia and also assists international students to study in the UK, the USA, Canada and New Zealand. IDP is also a proud owner of IELTS, the world's most popular high stakes English Language Test. Crist Limited is an ASX listed company that is 50% owned by 40 Australian universities.
Traveled to over 200 recruitment events representing TCNJ
Hosted 4 annual prospect camps and college placement workshop
Buildon-Coach (Bridgeport High School)International nonprofit organization that runs youth service after-school programs in US high schools
Girls Who Code-MentorOrganization aims to support and increase the number of young women in computer science.
Industry Expertise
Ease in Public

Of course every resume might vary based on the person or the job. It’s important to determine where your strengths are and what information you want to get across to the reader first.

Counselor Resume Achievement Examples

Most Proud Of
Attended Mission in Kosovo (KFOR, team 2) in 2000
I was overkonstabel of 3 degree and tank gunner and cook on delta 3.2. We cooperated with the Special Forces and foreign legion

Counselor Resume Certificate Examples

Buildon-Coach (Bridgeport High School)International nonprofit organization that runs youth service after-school programs in US high schools

Counselor Resume Talent Examples

Mid-Level Expert

Check out ourresume skills page for more actionable tips.

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