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The path towards becoming a business development professional is far from clear cut. Most come to the profession after having a variety of their own experiences, successes, and failures. Gal Ofel is no different. The question is, how do you show all of those experiences that helped make you a first-rate business development professional in the first place? Ofel’s resume shows how he did just that to get hired at the AI-driven video content analysis company AnyClip.

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Business Development Resume

The importance of Ofel telling his story

With a career that’s prioritized pursuing new opportunities and challenges over the stability of sticking to one industry for a long time, Ofel faced some challenges telling his story. He had to make sure anyone reading his resume understood why he regularly gets out of his comfort zone. Showing a simple list of positions would leave any recruiter to draw their own conclusions, positive or negative. So effective storytelling was essential.

  • Why is Ofel’s Business Development Resume Effective?

    In short, it blends storytelling with impact-driven results. The result is a business development resume that’s effective and memorable. Here’s a breakdown of just what make it work.

  • 1. It tells a story of impact and growth

    It’s easy enough to see that Ofel’s career has developed by glancing at his titles, but the details he offers tell a deeper story. From his earliest experience, themes like partnership development, growth, and building customer relationships stand out. By tying these themes together, Ofel’s resume becomes more cohesive and memorable.

  • 2. It integrates entrepreneurial experience

    Ofel knew the importance places on entrepreneurial experience in business development. Having started his own company, his resume needed to show what he learned from the experience and how he applies it to his other work. By mentioning this experience in both his “most proud of” and “experience” sections, his resume makes it clear that starting a company informs everything he’s done since.

  • 3. It’s integrated into a thoughtful strategy

    Having moved to new industries to pursue new opportunities and challenges several times, Ofel had to show what’s defined his throughout. By using the “most proud of” and “my philosophy” sections effectively, his resume demonstrates what unites all the work he’s done in just a single page. So when you read his list of experiences, you have this important context.

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