Professional Big Data Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

Professional Big Data Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Professional Big Data Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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This FREE Big Data resume example combines job responsibilities, experience, achievements, summary of qualifications, technical skills and soft skills generated from a database of successful resume models.

Use the Big Data resume sample below, replace the information with relevant data about you and match your skill set, certificates and experience with the job description.

Mindy Garza
Cape Town, South Africa
Big Data Consultant / Team LeadGerhold
2017 - Ongoing
Cape Town, South Africa
Gerhold is a start-up which provides guided and predictive analytics solutions through proprietary software
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014 : Implemented analytics solutions in telecom operators in 5+ African countries.
04/17 - Ongoing: Integrated the application development team.
Manage two Markets technology groups based in Singapore and India with 12 staff in total, covering:
Analyzed data sets that contained over 100 million registered US voters.
Manager, Big Data Architecture & BIBlanchette
2014 - 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
Blanchette is healthcare engagement management company in PBM & Payer market
Increased project head-counting by 60%
Delivered various high speed reporting platforms for business analysis with cost savings over 30%
Worked on Big Data Project, Splunk - KPI analysis of Network stations for 3G & 4G Networks.
Big Data InternMills Group
2011 - 2014
Cape Town, South Africa
Mills Group is technology behind and Walmart Stores
Official version shipped in production after 9 months and meeting the deadlines stated by MIF 2 directive.
Analysed NCDC Weather log file data (approx. 40 GB) using the Hadoop cluster.
Opened the Spanish market, 82 clients in 3 years
Coordinación de una red inter-institucional de 16 organizaciones en 9 países europeos
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014 : Implemented analytics solutions in telecom operators in 5+ African countries.
Big Data DeveloperLessard
2007 - 2011
Cape Town, South Africa
Lessard Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is the second largest cellular and digital services provider in Pakistan, owned by Lessard Group, which is an international provider of voice, data, content and mobile communication services in 8 markets worldwide in Scandinavia and Asia.
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014 : Implemented analytics solutions in telecom operators in 5+ African countries.
Reduced 30% costs by negotiating pricing with third-party suppliers
Worked on Big Data Project, Splunk - KPI analysis of Network stations for 3G & 4G Networks.
Developed Oracle Cloud, IoT, Big Data & analytics ecosystem with more than 10 partners in Brazil territory.
Most Proud Of
Opening new areas of business
Working with colleagues and clients around the world on new use cases and solutions that launched IBM's cognitive and big data footprint in telecoms
Clear Vision
In developing outcomes-focused cognitive and advanced analytics solutions that broadens IBM's market leadership and providing competitive differentiators for our clients
Inspiring Action
By rallying individuals around a common vision, understanding and leveraging their unique talents to deliver first of a kind intellectual property and competitive collateral for IBM
Fitness and running
Training for a sub 2-hour half marathon
I can see the universe from my back yard
Android DevelopmentProficient

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Additionally, you may also highlight awards, education, certifications and industry expertise, or include a career summary in your Big Data resume that best portrays your professional work experience.

Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Big Data skills for resume]

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Java
  • Hive
  • Scala

How to feature Big Data resume skills

How to use Python in your Big Data resume:

Proyecto basado en lenguaje "Python" con tecnologías "Amazon Web Service", incluyendo base de datos "DynamoDB" para desarrollo de ChatBots. Desarrollo e implantación de skills en "Alexa" de Amazon.

How to use SQL in your Big Data resume:

Mejora del rendimiento de los procesos ETL existentes y consultas SQL para datos de resumen CRM semanales y de Señales Diarios.

How to use Spark in your Big Data resume:

Designed StealthDEFEND product using Apache Spark for processing server activity logs.

How to use Hadoop in your Big Data resume:

Provide business, application and technology consulting for Configure Hadoop Cloudera), including Google Cloud and AWS.

How to use Java in your Big Data resume:

Diseño y dirección de la migración de un Data Warehouse heredado de las instalaciones a AWS y Java / Spark. En proceso de evaluación.

How to use Hive in your Big Data resume:

Well versed with Hadoop Ecosystem, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, HDFS etc.

How to use Scala in your Big Data resume:

Comencé como programador Junior en PHP/Javascript/HTML y varios lenguajes adicionales web y fui escalando hasta trabajar en desarrollos sobre Wordpress integrando sistemas de redes sociales para aumentar el engadgement de los usuarios.

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Big Data resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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