Top Big Data Developer Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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How to describe your Big Data Developer resume skills

  • Python
  • Java
  • Sqoop
  • Hive
  • Impala
  • Scala
  • Kafka

Here’s how to include skills for Big Data Developer resume

How to use Python in your big data developer resume:

Build code in Python/Java and Shell to meet business requirements or to automate routine tasks carried out by the applications support team.

How to use Java in your big data developer resume:

Design the UI using ExtJS, JQuery and JavaScript on the MJOOS framework.

How to use Sqoop in your big data developer resume:

Develop Oozie coordinator workflows and sub-workflows for Sqoop, Hive and Spark.

How to use Hive in your big data developer resume:

Build data pipelines in HIVE and SPARK to perform transformations and aggregations.

How to use Scala in your big data developer resume:

I've inplemented solutions written in Java and Scala

How to use Kafka in your big data developer resume:

Implementation of Real time Fraud detection app using Spark Streaming Kafka and Cassandra.

How to use Hadoop in your big data developer resume:

Design and develop data loading (milestone and incremental) processes in Hadoop.

How to feature Big Data Developer resume skills

Programming and Related
PythonRGolangMatlabJavaSQLAWSApache Spark
SSISSSASSSRSTableau SoftwareIBM CognosQlickViewTalend Open StudioQlik SensePower BIDataWarehousing
HadoopHiveSparkHDFSCLOUDERAFlumeImpalaSqoopScalaKafkaImpalaSpark StreamingStructured StreamingELK
Programing languages
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