Big Data Developer Resume Samples, Templates and Guide for 2020

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An Big Data Developer resume has to go beyond the basic certifications employers expect. You need to demonstrate that you can have an impact in your roles and are a good culture fit. This means carefully studying the job and the company offering it before crafting a resume that fits it perfectly.

Bertha Kelly
+359 88 888 8888
Lahore - Pakistan
Big Data Developer
Stracke2017 - Ongoing
Lahore - Pakistan
Stracke Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is the second largest cellular and digital services provider in Pakistan, owned by Stracke Group, which is an international provider of voice, data, content and mobile communication services in 8 markets worldwide in Scandinavia and Asia.
I've worked in scrum in a team consisting of mostly 4 person
Created and managed a 4 node virtual cluster using VMware and configuring XMLs
Lead Big Data Developer
Bouchard2013 - 2017
Lahore - Pakistan
Bouchard is an enterprise-class mobile marketing platform that makes it easy for marketers to boost engagement through their mobile apps by creating personalized customer journeys
What did you achieve in this role?
B.Sc Computer ScienceUniversity of Haifa
2009 - Ongoing
89.5 / 100
M.Sc Computer ScienceBar-Ilan University
2007 - 2009
Specialization in Artificial
92 / 100
Big Data
HadoopSparkSqoopHiveFlumeKafkaImpalaCloudera ManagerOozieMongoDBCassandraElasticSearchPowerBIStorm
Database Management Systems
Web Development

Of course every resume might vary based on the person or the job. It’s important to determine where your strengths are and what information you want to get across to the reader first.

Big Data Developer Resume Technology Examples

Big Data
HadoopSparkSqoopHiveFlumeKafkaImpalaCloudera ManagerOozieMongoDBCassandraElasticSearchPowerBIStorm

Big Data Developer Resume Passion Examples

Travelling, discovering new cultures
Have been to Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, United States, Spain, Greece, China

Big Data Developer Resume Achievement Examples

Most Proud Of
Why are you proud of this achievement?

Check out ourresume skills page for more actionable tips.

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