An Auditor Resume with Personality and Impact


Julian’s auditor resume is a great example for anyone who thinks a resume in this field can’t be interesting or engaging. It balances the personal and the professional while not skimping on the metrics that really demonstrate his effectiveness.

Julian Prim's resume preview

Why Julian’s Auditor Resume Works

Just what are the components that make this such an effective resume example? It comes down to three basic points.

  • Step 1: It balances the personal and professional

    While it may be easy to dismiss the impact of mentioning things like personal fitness or building treehouses on an auditor’s resume, but Julian shows why that’s not the case. These personal examples demonstrate important aspects about his personality and that he’s more than just a robot with no life outside of the office, which is important for companies concerned about worker well being.

  • Step 2: It shows a devotion to self-improvement

    Tying into the point above, the personal elements of Julian’s resume are a great example of how you can show positive personality traits in a resume. In his case, this is a devotion to self improvement. From his fitness goals to learning Polish and spending time with his family, Julian clearly knows how to prioritize things and make them happen.

  • Step 3: It shows specific impacts

    All of the personality in the world isn’t going to mean much for an auditor if they can’t show the impact of their work. So Julian balances those elements with plenty of specific data points to demonstrate how he’s consistently done things like decreasing onboarding time and earned high marks from internal appraisals.

Why Resume Examples Are Better Than Resume Templates

When it’s time to create a resume, the first search most people make is for a template. If your goal is to get hired, taking the time to look at resume examples and create something worthy of the job you want is the better bet.

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