An Account Manager Resume with Entrepreneurship

Project Manager

What ties managing 1.5 million euro budgets at a non-profit and managing a food stand at Oktoberfest? Max's resume answers that question with a compelling story of how you can apply a devotion to customer relationships to a variety of roles. Ultimately it got him job offers at both Amazon and Deutsche Bahn (the German state railway company).

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Account Manager Resume

Why Max’s Account Manager Resume Works

What kind of resume gets you offers from two world class companies? One which balances results, personality, and a compelling story.

  • Step 1: It has powerful concrete results

    In each of his more prominent roles, Max clearly demonstrates the impact he’s had on the bottom line. This focus on real results shows someone who’s not just going to say something was a success, but will show that it was.

  • Step 2: It tells a story of career and education evolution

    Max’s resume isn’t afraid to tackle the changes he’s made in his career. It shows him transitioning from law school to getting a BS in Management & Technology. In another resume example, this might look negative. But the consistent dedication he’s shown to growing his subsequent career shines a very different light on that move.

  • Step 3: It shows confidence

    Through it all, Max’s resume exudes confidence. It shows him confidently stepping into new roles with ever-increasing levels of responsibility. By showing him stepping up both here and with his side-projects, Max ends up with an account manager resume example that really stands out.

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