What is Career Counselling & How Can It Benefit Me?

What is Career Counselling & How Can It Benefit Me?

“Our Career Counsellor’s one and only priority is to get you hired into your dream job.”

Kate Mabbett - Senior Career Counsellor

Career counselling is counselling designed to help you choose and move into the next steps of your career.

Perhaps you’re unhappy in your current role. You’ve hit a dead end, and you’re ready to progress further with your career.

Maybe you have over 20 years of great experience, but your resume keeps getting rejected. Perhaps you know you have what it takes to move up the ladder to a management position, but you’re unsure how to present yourself.

These are all perfectly good reasons to seek out the support of a Career Counsellor.

You will be supported through all the tricky bits. A Career Counselor can provide you with insider knowledge, efficient suggestions, and a genuine helping hand when times feel overwhelming.

There are a few obstacles you need to consider when applying for your dream job, of course, they don’t make it easy for you!

The hiring process is frustrating and complex to understand, so why do it alone? A Career Counselor will help you from start to finish, through resume writing, Linkedin Revamp, interview preparation.

How can a Career Counsellor help me accomplish my goals

Do you need individual and personalized support? Nail the recruitment process with the Career Counselling Executive package.

You can choose a range of packages which suits your needs. As an Enhancv Executive you’ll have 1:1 support through resume writing, LinkedIn Revamp, Cover Letter Writing, Interview Preparation, job search - we’re here to support every single business day!

Do you need continuous support? Then the Executive Plus package will be there for you until you get the job you want! We will also support you through the negotiation for salary and compensation to ensure you’re getting the package you deserve.

Perhaps you’d like to start with the Essential package? You’ll receive help through resume writing, LinkedIn Revamp, and cover letter writing. These are the main tools you’ll need to find your dream job - and there’s always an option to upgrade!

You’ll get strategies, tools and confidence to ace the hiring process. It’s an investment in your future!

Do you want to learn more about our individual services and what they have to offer? Well, keep reading, or book a free consultation to learn more.

Resume Writing

Your resume is the most important part of the application process, but also the hardest part to get right.

Here are a few facts you should consider before writing your resume.

Firstly you need to ensure your resume is ATS friendly. The automated tracking system is the first obstacle in your hiring process, most recruiters only read about 20% of the resumes which are sent.

So you need to check whether your resume is ATS friendly. Are you using your keywords correctly? Is your resume in the right format?

The next obstacle you will need to consider is the recruiter. On average, a recruiter spends about seven seconds reading each resume. They’ll probably be skim reading, skipping sections, and they won’t be able to retain much information.

So you need to ensure that your resume is concise and demonstrates that you’re unique.

The Resume Writing service will provide you with the skills, tips, and strategies to overcome these obstacles.

It’s a collaborative process. During the initial 45-minute call, your Career Counsellor will spend time understanding your career path, and goals. You will learn about the hiring process from the perspective of the recruiter. Then, your Career Counselor will analyze your resume and teach you a strategy that will get your resume noticed!

After the call, your resume will be edited, and you’ll receive the first draft with suggestions and action points to consider.

We’re not plucking information out of thin air. We work with you to ensure your career is presented correctly and grabbing the attention of your next employer!

Our resume writing service has helped people land interviews and get hired at Amazon, Microsoft, Pluralsight and more. Get started with your resume writing.

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Your LinkedIn profile can open up a world of opportunities for your career, so don’t let it go to waste.

During the call, your Career Counselor will analyze your profile from the perspective of the recruiter, show you how to build searchable content, and help you write.

We analyze the smallest details, from profile picture to keywords - we’ve got you covered!

When your LinkedIn profile is active with relevant keywords, it instantly opens up your job hunt into a two-way street. Headhunters will find you, rather than you finding them!

Get your LinkedIn profile revamped by experts to ensure you have searchable and converting content!


Job interviews can be a daunting experience. You need to be prepared and ready to think on your feet while ensuring you present yourself in the correct way. There’s a lot to remember, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

You don’t have to do it alone! We have the expertise to know which interview questions could be asked and how to answer them, for example:

  • What’s your biggest weakness?
  • Tell me a time when you implemented a strategy that led to revenue growth?
  • What is your leadership style?

You can practice your interviewing skills with experts, then receive constructive feedback, interviews tips, and strategies.

Preparation will lead to a perfect interview. Don’t just rely on your friends and family for practice, get expert advice and strategy that will help you nail the interview, and land your dream job!

Salary Negotiation

The thought of negotiating your salary can be intimidating, both internally and for a new position. But it is crucial for your progression. The good news is that it is expected. Most of the time, negotiation is a natural stage of the interview process. About 70% of Managers expect employees to negotiate a salary.

If you have received the offer, then it means you are evidently one of the best for the position. Negotiating sometimes is not just about increasing the salary, it’s about asserting your professionalism and demonstrating your own value. AND - if you don’t ask - you won’t get it!

Book a call before the hiring process begins to ensure you feel confident and ready to negotiate the package you deserve!

We can also help you with services you may not always consider, such as the job search and cover letter.

Your cover letter could be the deciding factor for most hiring managers. Take the opportunity to demonstrate your experience and how you will make a perfect match for their company.

We can help you write the perfect cover letter which ticks all the right boxes.

How do you find the right Career Cousellor?

It’s important to ensure they’re suited to you. A Career Counsellor is an investment in your future, so be sure they’re able to match your needs.

Ask for an introduction call and prepare some questions to see how they may match your expectations.

Ask about their knowledge of your industry and most importantly their experience in supporting other clients from your sector.

At the end of the day, no one can fully understand your personal career as much as you. A Career Counsellor’s role is to take your experiences and present them to match your future employer’s expectations.

For me, my favorite part of being a Career Counsellor is helping my clients realize their full potential.

A Career Counsellor’s main priority is to get you hired into your dream job. We do this by working with you to understand your career goals and achievements.

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, so why not invest in a service which will ensure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste? It’s an investment in your future.

Book a free call with us today and learn more about how we can help you nail your dream job!