How Enhancv Career Counseling
helped Ryan

How Enhancv Career Counseling helped Ryan

“When I finally found the job, my counselor remembered my personal values from one of our early conversations and made me confident that this job aligns with my goals.”

Customer Operations Analyst at Fringe

I finished my bachelors in Business Analytics this year but I previously worked in a call center and wanted to move into analytics. I made my resume on my own and started applying for jobs but unfortunately I was only getting responses for jobs which were similar to my call center role.

I found Enhancv by searching for resume builders. I really liked the concise and attractive templates so I signed up for Enhancv Pro and used it for a couple of weeks. At this time, I was not getting along with my manager, my work did not align with my personal values and the situation at my job was becoming more and more frustrating. This is when I decided to start thinking seriously about my job search and invest the time and money needed to move forward.

I saw the Enhancv career counseling packages, but I was not quite ready to commit. I thought I could do it all myself, but the further I got into the process, the more I realised the Enahncv Executive package was right for me.

I knew early on that Enhancv was the right choice

After my first call I immediately knew I made the right decision. I was working in a call center so it’s easy for me to detect when people are working from a script. My counselor, Ellen, was natural and had a genuine interest for my future. Ellen was able to give professional help and advise on how I can present myself to potential employers, while also listening to my requirements.

Everything moved fast and I saw the result of our work very quickly

Right after booking the service we scheduled 3-4 calls within 2 weeks. She also reached out to me via email to check how I was doing. It really felt like she was in my corner and wanted the best for me. Ellen did not waste time and put all of her effort into helping me.

I think everyone should try this service. Just have this conversation and you’ll see how natural it feels. I never felt dishonest, never challenged or conflicted with my own values and Enhancv helped me best market myself.

How my career counselor Ellen helped me

In addition to her genuine care, Ellen was very resourceful and shared insightful knowledge of the recruitment and hiring processes. We revamped my LinkedIn profile together and she showed me the importance of small details. I immediately saw the result of her work as recruiters were reaching out to me with positive feedback.

Ellen taught me how to list my accomplishments in a result and impact focussed style. We practiced talking and presenting my work to demonstrate my individual value. She also showed me how to efficiently search for jobs and organise my applications so I did not lose important information. It helped me to find better matches for myself and I ended up landing the Analyst job I was aiming for!

I wasn’t just a person on a list that she had to go through, my counselor's care and passion was invaluable.

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