How Enhancv Career Counseling
helped Amin

How Enhancv Career Counseling helped Amin

“I already recommended Enhancv to all of my friends. I am still using their service to update my resume, even after finding a job. I would advise anyone in need of such service to choose Enhancv.”

Head of Product at Rayyan

Right after I graduated from university I started working for a company where I stayed for 8 years, then in 2014 I launched my own company. Despite my vast experience across multiple disciplines, I struggled to translate my skills onto my resume.

When Covid hit, my company started to decline and I found myself out of a job. Even though I had experience in hiring people, I’d never experienced the other side of the hiring process. I had no idea how to present myself and so I decided to seek professional advice to help achieve my career goals.

I loved using the Enhancv resume builder because it made useful content suggestions for my resume and I was able to create a good first draft. However, I was still unsure if it was enough and I wanted a professional’s point of view.

I started with the Enhancv Career Counseling Resume Review service. The counselor, Paul, helped me with the redesign and gave tips on how to structure my experience with measurable content. I was very impressed by the service so I decided to upgrade to the Enhancv Executive package.

I got the confidence I needed from Enhancv

I was unsure if I could achieve a senior role, but Paul made me feel a lot better about my experience. He explained which part of my career was most relevant for the current job market. Then, using the specific job role I was applying for, Paul highlighted my most valuable skills which matched the requirements.

I received 14 interview request and 3 job offers in less than 2 months

Paul and I wrote a cover letter together then revamped my LinkedIn profile, which immediately strengthened my online presence. Even though I was able to present myself in person, I struggled to translate it digitally. Paul understood me and strived to continuously improve my professional profile.

As a result of the revamp, I was offered 3 jobs and over 14 interviews in 2 months. The whole process was very efficient and I felt supported.

Sometimes it’s easier to convince people you are a good fit for a job when you are talking in person. But before you can get your foot in the door for a face-to-face conversation, you need a digital presence. Enhancv remade my online presence perfectly.

How my counselor Paul helped me

First of all, Paul took the time to get to know me, my professional experience, and my future goals. He managed to summarise a 3 page resume to 1 page and removed all the unnecessary noise.

He had extensive knowledge of the hiring process for my specific role (Product Manager) which I found very valuable. Paul was able to catch the recruiters attention with the right information. His advice was very specific and clearly understood Product Management.

After I received my offer, Paul helped me negotiate my compensation package and even the title of my role so it was closer to what I wanted for my future role.

It’s important for career counselors to fully understand your personality and adjust their methods to help you achieve your goals. Enhancv counselors provide a personalised service which is tailored to you specifically.

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