Ving Tsun – the martial art that’s improving our team’s productivity

27 April 2017 Reading Time: 4 minutes

‘’Tan Sao, Chan Sao, Pak Cao, Fak Sao, Bong Sao, repeat.’’ These words might sound strange to you if you haven’t heard of Ving Tsun yet. They are the names of the blocks and manouvres this martial art is based on. And it’s been helping our team become more balanced and focused. Yes, Ving Tsun classes are one of many perks we get at Enhancv. 🙂

Ving Tsun does not only serve as a self-defense technique. The idea behind it is much deeper and it can help in different areas of life. It teaches one to live a healthier and more balanced life. To live in harmony with nature. Most importantly, it improves flexibility and concentration. It has given me valuable lessons that are aligned with Enhancv’s values and strategy. And I’ll tell you more about it.

What exactly is Ving Tsun?

Enhancv Ving Tsun – the martial art that’s improving our team’s productivity

Ving Tsun was developed in China in the 17th century by a group of Shaolin monks who faced great pressure and ultimate destruction to their temples because of a new ruler. The best-known story of Ving Tsun is the one of the Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui, who was one of the survivors of the destruction. She created a form of self-defense which could transcend size, weight, and gender.

Her inspiration for Ving Tsun came from observing animals, primarily the crane. This helped her develop delicate but natural movements which require little force to block and strike effectively and efficiently at the same time.

Read more on the history of Ving Tsun here.

5 principles of Ving Tsun that we apply into our work

During our classes, we learn self-defence techniques. Also, how to get the job done in the simplest way, with the least amount of energy and a maximum result.

The following 5 principles Ving Tsun is based on are not only effective in a fight. They also represent our work efforts at Enhancv.

1. The power of a punch

Although at first glance it’s a physical training, we train our minds, too. No, not the kind that enables one to bend metal spoons with a glimpse of an eye! It’s the kind that develops our focus and motivates us to be present in the moment. The power of a punch doesn’t mean you have to be strong. (Our designer is around 100lb, but she is one of the best!) It’s about the right technique and focus.

We bring that into our work too. Ving Tsun has been helping us remain focused on each task. I stop thinking of what happened yesterday, what I’m going to have for dinner tonight or how much work I need to get done within the next month. I stay in the moment and remove any distractions. I concentrate on finishing tasks with the right technique. So they have powerful outcomes.

2. Readiness for fight

During our Ving Tsun classes, we run through all types of situations one can be attacked. Then we train to be able to respond to any punches the opponent might throw at us. We also learn to control ourselves, to stay calm and act quickly but precisely.

We translate this into real-life situations at Enhancv. We stay alerted. Whatever happens in our industry, we make sure we are ready to fight back appropriately. No waiting around for the situation to solve itself.

3. Keeping the balance

In a Ving Tsun class, we don’t only fight and throw punches in the air. We also practice Chinese Yoga, exercises that improve breathing and flexibility. Our trainer, Niki, mentions the importance of balance all the time. Whether it’s the balance in work and life, training or relationships.

One of Enhancv’s values is keeping a work-life balance, too. We travel and go out together, we enable each team member to develop their top skills. Everyone can work remotely if needed. (I wrote this article from my favorite cafe 😉 ) And much more.

Read about all activities we do here.

Enhancv Ving Tsun – the martial art that’s improving our team’s productivity

4. Timing

When you’re in a fight, the fact that you’re strong or experienced doesn’t always bring the desired results. Often, it is the timing that sets you up for victory. our brain subconsciously prepares to react in a certain moment through Ving Tsun classes.

At work, we make different efforts to improve our product and service but what matters the most is the right timing. Each new marketing campaign is well thought out and released at the perfect moment. All marketers know that the phrase ‘’I was at the right place, in the right time!’’ wasn’t created for no reason.

5. The correction of mistakes

In a quick fight, one mistake can be a breaking point. Hit the opponent in the wrong way and you find yourself on the floor, with a broken nose. But not with Ving Tsun! While practicing, we learn that making mistakes is not a problem as long as you’re quick enough. You can invert mistakes into a successful ending.

It’s the same with work. I do mistakes, almost on a daily basis. But it is important to stay calm, correct the mistake and move on. It takes a little training to keep this in mind in everyday life, but it’s possible.

What about you?

Each member of our team enjoys Ving Tsun so much. What lessons have you learned through activities outside the office? How did you implement them in your job? Let me know in the comments below.

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