6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

14 February 2017 Reading Time: 6 minutes

Does Valentine’s day make you think of love or meeting The Right One? In the past, people used to meet in person and have a lot of conversations before jumping into a relationship. Nowadays, there are tons of ways to meet people online. The face expressions were replaced with emojis and it takes no more than 3 online chats to become a couple.

I’ve never tried using Tinder, I perceive it as the Voldemort of the app store, casting spells over all the loners seeking love. Yet I’ve always felt tempted to try it out. I’d create a profile that would showcase my personality in the best possible light. I imagine I’d throw a few lies here and there: ‘’I’m always in a good mood’’ or something. The profile picture would be a cute selfie with a Mayfair filter, to hide all the imperfections nobody needs to know about. I’d add other pictures, the ones that received the most likes on Facebook, to pretend that I always look somewhat decent. Then just wait until the right-swipes start rolling in.

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

Working in a company that’s helping people with job hunting, I realized Tinder and job search have quite a lot in common! After talking to my colleagues who used Tinder before, I outlined these 6 commonalities. A perfect Tinder profile can get you a new love, a great resume can get you a job you love!

1. One picture’s worth a thousand words

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

There’s a perfect photo for each situation – and you should be aware of that context when creating both your resume and your Tinder profile. I’m not trying to say that a selfie revealing your cleavage or your perfect abs are going to get you that job! It might get you loads of right-swaps and ‘’You’re cute’’ messages, but your employer might see it differently.

On Tinder, it’s OK to use filters and pictures from travels with your friends just so you look like you’re amazing to hang out with and you have friends. To leave a good impression on the hiring manager, your picture should be a clean headshot. Only your pretty face, no sunglasses, no beer in your hand and definitely no other people. It’s a document that represents you, after all.

Even though the quote ‘’One picture is worth a thousand words’’ is overused, it doesn’t make it less accurate. So choose wisely what picture you stick on your profile to impress the right person.

2. Honesty saves everyone’s time

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

From what I’ve read online so far, it’s clear that most people on Tinder lie about some things, or don’t mention the whole truth. Lying on a resume is not unusual either. Career experts share that the top lie on applicants’ resumes is a stretched date of employment. A recent study by GlobalWebIndex showed that 42% of Tinder users who state they are single, are actually in a relationship. In any case, remember your grandma’s words: ‘’better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie!’’

Also, you will get caught, whether it’s on the first or second date, or on your interview.

Whether you’re drafting your short bio for Tinder or a whole resume, keep these 3 points in mind:

Be honest, it will pay off!
Honesty will help you stay confident. It will save you time and energy as you won’t have to think of new stories proving the points you stated. On my interview at Enhancv, I said that I’m not good with Digital Marketing at all, but I’d love to learn. They were impressed with my honesty and it was one of the reasons I was hired!

Show your personality.
Your personality is one of the main factors that differentiates you from others. Show who you are and make the person on the other end say ‘’I must meet this one!’’.

Don’t exaggerate.
Another lie appearing on resumes is inflating skills and past accomplishments. On Tinder, it’s exaggerating the ‘’willingness to commit’’ for example. You match with that cute girl but she says right at the start that she’s ‘’looking for a serious relationship’’. What do you do? Well, anything to get the date, duh! Some of my friends using Tinder say that it’s not bad to exaggerate a little bit. Make sure, though, that it’s not as plain as a day that you’re doing it.

3. The first chat could be a deal breaker

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

After you matched with your possible husband/wife to be, the first chat comes on the scene. Now you have to be careful with what you say so you don’t scare them off! By looking into an Instagram account called Tinder Nightmares I realised people do have a problem with pick up lines. You can have a look at examples that will not work.

When approaching your employer to be, it’s the same. The first email could mean that you’re the right match. What you write in your Cover Letter will determine whether you will be called up for an interview.

In both cases, the first contact is the key – it can make or break your deal for getting a date/an interview.

4. Mutual friends can boost your chances

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

If you’ve used Tinder before, you know that having mutual friends could be a good thing. It is a good way of starting the conversation. Apparently, the usual ‘’Heeey ;)’’ means you’re weird or boring nowadays. Also, having someone in common is a validation the other is not a dork, and you can have a basic trust in their intentions. Unless they are the friends you don’t like anymore. Then you probably shouldn’t swipe right!

So it goes for the hiring manager. If you know someone, who knows someone who works for the company you’re dying to work for, let them know! Connect with them, send them an email and let them help you. It could secure your first step to getting your resume reviewed or even called up for an interview.

5. Swiping right and swiping left. All day long!

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

Before writing this article, I sat down with my colleague who’s used Tinder before. We went through the whole process together and the best part was the swiping! I could sit there for hours just swiping and deciding who I’d go for a date with. I guess for a new user like me it’s fun. But how about Alex, Pete or Monica who’ve been on Tinder for 2 years now and don’t seem to right-swipe the ONE?

Imagine the job of a hiring manager. They sit at their office and go through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. Their job is to secure the perfect candidate for the company. The ones that are suitable go on one side, the ones that are a No-No to the other. It’s just like Tinder, don’t you think?

6. Before you swipe right, stalk them!

Enhancv 6 things Tinder and job hunting have in common

On Tinder, before you swipe right you should check the person up. See their pictures, their short bio and if you like them enough, you might even check their other social media profiles. Before comparing your pictures and imagining your kids, would you two make a good pair?

When job hunting, you need to do the same. Check the company you’d like to work for, their about page, the people that work there, the latest campaigns or newest products they’ve been working on. Stalk them on social media. Do you think you two would be a good match? If so, then it is time for you to approach them. Preferably, with a compelling resume created on the Enhancv platform. 😉

How about the location? On Tinder, users choose to approach people who live fairly close to them so they would avoid traveling too far when picking them up for a date. It’s the same with choosing the company to work for. Living right next to your employer holds so many benefits! Longer sleep, run over to feed your cat or pick up a delivery.

Whether it’s job search or a love-hunt on Tinder you’re focusing on at the moment, remember: It needs to be a match before the magic happens! If you found yourself in any of these points, hit a share button.

Happy Valentine’s day from the Enhancv team! <3

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