The Stealth-Guide to Getting Your Resume Noticed

7 October 2015 Reading Time: 3 minutes

These days, when applying for a job, it’s pretty hard to get your resume noticed. You have to fill in a long application and submit your resume, which is then put in a giant stack with the rest of them. The resume, which you’ve worked on for hours and reviewed 100 times until it’s perfect, gets a six-second look from the hiring manager. Then it’s never seen again. And that makes sense – if you had 50 resumes on your desk, you wouldn’t spend a lot of time reviewing each of them meticulously. Despite that, there’s a real and relatively unknown way to get your resume noticed.

What if we told you that you could just bypass the whole 5-6 page online application process?

How, you ask? Well, You just go to the recruiter, talk to them, and give the resume to them directly. Sounds really simple, right? Then why haven’t you tried it yet?

The first step is to find the recruiters contact details, and what’s a better place to look than LinkedIn. Just Google “Company name, Region, Recruiter.” Now, depending on the size of the company, someone working in Talent Management doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in charge of hiring. That’s why try to also check in their work summary whether they’re the ones recruiting or not. Now that you know who you’re dealing with, you can send them a Linkedin Mail. (Which they’re probably just going to overlook, and that’s not what we want.) So what you should be looking for is their work e-mail. Most of the time, you can find it in the “Contact Me” section on Linkedin. If the email isn’t there, another option is trying to Google their name. You’ll probably come across their work email somewhere, or try to find their Facebook/Blog for the personal one.

Didn’t work? Don’t worry, we have some other tricks up our sleeves. Try downloading Rapportive. It a chrome extension that shows you information about the person you are emailing to. Companies usually use the same email format for all of their employees, something like ”[name] [lastname] @ company”. You can easily find an email of someone else working there, and use the same format. Didn’t work? Trial and error: try experimenting with different formats, such as [Last name] @ or [last name] [first name] until Rapportive confirms it. After you get some luck with one of our advice, send them an email explaining why you want to work for them. The fact that you went through all the effort to get hired in a certain company shows determination, a trait that every employer loves.

If you want to take it a level higher, go for the CEO. Their e-mail addresses can be a bit trickier to find, but you can probably handle it with the above mentioned method. CEOs are considerably busy, so they might just overlook your e-mail, or even send it to the trash. That’s why the next step could be tracking them down and meet them in person. This is probably nigh-impossible for a large corporation, but for startups, to mid-level companies, it can work perfectly.

CEOs are usually known to lurk 4 different places. The office, some conference, some event or some talk. So, just go by the office, and mention that you need to talk to them. See, regardless of the character of the CEO, they’ll see that you’re determined, much more than any other candidate. At the least, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your resume noticed: it’ll be THE resume, not just one of out a bunch. In some cases, this might not work, especially if you’re highly under-skilled for the job, or if you act a bit too cocky – but remove those two factors, and you’re pretty much a shoo-in.

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