Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

Published on: 29 May 2017

The digital revolution is transforming the way we live and work. It changed how we order a cab, how we plan our vacations – and how we develop our careers.

Working arrangements now are much more than your typical “9-to-5” contract. On the one hand, employees are looking for more flexible work options. Ones that give them freedom in choosing their projects and workload. On the other hand, businesses are urged to be responsive 24/7. They need to get employees on board with this “always open” culture.

We see this trend spreading not only among millennials, but in experienced workers with different needs. Those can be new parents, people looking for a career transition or working on personal projects part-time. Already 46% of organizations offer job sharing as a flexible working option, according to a report by The Job Share Project.

The nature of employment is changing. The recruitment process and tools must change with it. This is why we at Enhancv are taking on this challenge together with our partners from Tandemploy – an innovative company leading the change of work to enable job-sharing and flexible working models in companies of all sizes.

Why Job Sharing?

First off, why focus on job sharing at all? It is a fast developing trend that offers many benefits for both employees and companies.

Job sharing is a model of work where two people share one job and work together closely as a pair. This makes new jobs suitable for part-time work, even up to the management level. It also allows for greater flexibility and enhanced knowledge sharing within the company.

Job sharing lets companies achieve better talent engagement, job satisfaction and retention. And satisfied employees are productive employees – the productivity gain with two people sharing a role can be up to 30%.

The Tandem CV

Since this is a relatively new model of work, it requires a new way of applying for positions, as well. That’s where our new format created together with Tandemploy comes in.

The Tandem CV is an interactive format that showcases the pair’s core qualifications and achievements, as well as their values and attitude. It allows for two people to create one combined format. There the recruiter can easily see their overlapping and complementing traits.
But what sets the Tandem CV apart?

Interactive, Showing Both The Big Picture And Details

There’s no need to compromise on what to include in your tandem CV.

Enhancv Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

A traditional CV can’t show how the skills of the job sharers overlap and complement each other. The Tandem CV is an interactive way for recruiters to see the big picture, but also look at each member in detail. If the company has a standardized application process, the recruiters can download individual CVs for the two job sharers.


You can finally show your attitude, achievements, and personality.

Enhancv Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

Job sharing is suitable for multi-passionate professionals, ambitious recruits with strong work ethic. The key point in a successful job share doesn’t lie solely in the complementing skills of employees. It relies on their shared values and career ambitions. This is why the Tandem CV focuses on personal strengths, achievements, and passions.

How It Works?

Crafting a Tandem CV is easy.
1.Sign up for Enhancv
2.Select the “Tandem” option

Enhancv Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

3.Tag the content across your Tandem CV.

Enhancv Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

This will allow visitors to easily navigate through your achievements and talents both as a tandem and as individuals. Here’s how that looks:

Enhancv Introducing The Tandem CV – The Flexible Future Of Work

Over To You

There are many exciting opportunities for flexible work models. Let us know your thoughts on job sharing and the new tandem CV format in the comments below.

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