What Successful Marketing Resume Examples Have in Common

What Successful Marketing Resume Examples Have in Common

Marketing jobs are projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average, in the US. While marketing may be growing as an industry, only a small fraction even make it to the interview stage. So what does it take to land a great job in marketing? The answer starts with looking to those who’ve done it.

Louis, Eric and Eric are three of our users who’ve used their resumes to get a job in marketing (clearly being named Eric is an advantage as well). While they’re quite different in other ways, the three resumes they used rely on one common strategy: telling a story.

Enhancv What Successful Marketing Resume Examples Have in Common marketing resumeEnhancv What Successful Marketing Resume Examples Have in Common marketing resumeEnhancv What Successful Marketing Resume Examples Have in Common marketing resume

The power of storytelling

Personal resumes can certainly create controversy, but most recruiters are attracted to three-dimensional people, those who are more than a name on a piece of paper. In an area such as marketing, personal traits can have an impact on their understanding of others and their ability to market to those people. Getting a full grasp of a marketing applicant’s life story allows recruiters to see their potential to fit in the work culture and how well they understand other people’s life experiences (and their potential to capitalize on them).

A marketing resume that stands out with its mission

Louis’ mission is to fight shady, aggressive marketing. His resume makes that mission obvious right away. We see this when he mentions his podcast – Everyone Hates Marketers where he interviews no-nonsense marketers who’ve proven successful in the field. We also see this in his Achievements section, which details speaking engagements where he’s spoken on good marketing.

Recruiters not only see what he’s proud of, the skills which allow him to succeed, valuable hobbies like podcasting, and elements of his personality, but they see exactly what his objective is. Therefore, they can clearly assess whether he has a place in their company. Fortunately for Louis, this appeared to be the case as this approach got him hired at HotJar.

Showing a unique career path to marketing

Eric describes himself as a “violinist turned marketer” who is “still a great performer”. This brilliantly frames his resume and sets the scene for his story. As someone who is just entering the field, we expect to see some unusual and unconventional experience on his resume – rest assured, Eric doesn’t disappoint. We get a feel for who he is and where he’s come from through his Most Proud Of section. Here, Eric speaks of his successful kickstarter campaign and backpacking. We also see that he is the youngest influencer to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz USA. This tells the recruiter that he’s a self-motivated worker who has broken the mold in many ways. His “Where I’m Involved” section continues to contribute to his story. Here, we see the breadth of his interests: photography and travel to social media trends all the way to food and beverage.

Eric concludes his story with his “To Wrap It Up” section where he describes himself as adaptable, resourceful, and always hungry. It may not be as data focused as some marketing resumes, but as marketing is also about storytelling, Eric’s approach paid off and got him hired at Sidewagon.

A senior marketer resume with personality

With an incredible body of work, Eric’s story focuses on his Most Proud Of moments to create valuable personal insights. There’s no doubt that he’s a skilled marketer with prior work in four major companies including Disney. But his Most Proud Of section shows that working at Disney was more than just a stepping stone, it was a life-fulfilling moment. Getting to work “where dreams come true” was as surreal for Eric as it is for any kid visiting Disneyland for the first time.

His Day in The Life further tells his story as we get to see exactly what a typical day can be for him – from lecturing at universities to hosting Happy Hours. Eric’s storytelling humanises his juggernaut work history and allows the recruiter to assess whether he will fit in with the rest of the team. This proves true as he went on to get hired as a VP at Cintrifuse.

Telling your story in a marketing resume

When putting your marketing resume together, consider what story you’re telling. Is there enough information about who you are? Is it balanced with enough substance? To improve, try referring your resume to friends and family to see if they see you in it. You can do this using Enhancv’s built-in referral link when building your resume.