A Week To Remember: Enhancv’s Spring Power Week

Published on: 25 May 2017

Before joining the Enhancv team, I went into a full-on stalker mode. The first thing I read about the company was a recap from a recent company event they held – Power Week. At that point, I still didn’t expect to write our next Power Week recap.

Why do a Power Week?

Enhancv A Week To Remember: Enhancv’s Spring Power Week

The first thing you’ll no doubt ask is “What the flip is a Power Week and why should I care?” A Power Week is our way of recharging, getting to know each other and doing insane amounts of work in one week. It’s part hackathon, part teambuild… I shouldn’t use that word!

In short, we rent a place, preferably somewhere scenic and close to nature, we go there and work for a week, all together. There’s already a lot more about Power Week in our previous post.

The answer to the “why” question is a bit more complex. On the face of it, it’s a big company expense to get 15+ people, including ones who live abroad and ship them to a remote village, pay for accommodation, food, etc. But it’s actually an investment with clear returns. It helps with boosting productivity, improving team communication and building culture.

Work hard

Enhancv A Week To Remember: Enhancv’s Spring Power Week

So, what is it like to be part of Power Week? The first word that comes to mind is “exhilarating”. It fills you up with great emotions, stimulates focused productivity. That also leaves you drained at the end of the week, but that’s more than OK.

Your typical Power Weekday starts at 8:00 with some physical activity – be it a yoga session led by our designer Plami, or a Ving Tsun training under the lead of our CEO Georgi. That gives you an initial boost of energy. It keeps your blood pumping and your brain working all throughout the day.

After breakfast, everyone starts working on their own weekly goals. We try to take advantage of the fact we’re all together to also organize some brainstorming sessions, high-level planning, and educational presentations. During this Power Week, we had a presentation that got everyone super excited about implementing Kanban throughout all our departments.

The best thing about Power Week is that you can work closely with people you don’t usually work with. Everyone sits in the same room and that increases interactions. It’s also possible to just jump in on a meeting where you think you can contribute.

Play hard

Enhancv A Week To Remember: Enhancv’s Spring Power Week

But, of course, it’s not all work, work, work. Our operations team had worked hard in order to prepare several exciting adventures. This included horseback riding and an offroad trip to a panoramic spot high up in the mountain.

The thing I enjoyed the most, however, are the small moments that pop up during the quieter evenings – a board game win at Avalon or an impromptu salsa lesson. These moments let you connect, craft happy memories and build trust with your teammates. And it’s another way of forging connections that then help in everyday work when going gets hard. After all, it’s hard to act like a douche when you know the life story and the favorite food of the person opposite, right?

Final thoughts

Enhancv A Week To Remember: Enhancv’s Spring Power Week

It’s been about a month since our Power Week ended. The memories are still fresh, the spirits are high and the ideas we discussed high up in the Rhodope mountains are already becoming a reality. I’d recommend the experience to every company that wants to make their team stronger. And, of course, I’d recommend it for the partying, too! 🙂

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