Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations

Published on: 22 February 2017 Last updated: 11 September 2020

The Oscars 2017 are behind the corner and it seems that everyone out there has their own predictions and favorites. At Enhancv, we have our favorites too! To tell you which ones they are, we decided to showcase our favorite characters’ top skills, what their usual day looks like and things they overcame. All that by using our best personality revealing sections.

What resume tips can you learn from each character and what makes them a perfect candidate for any job?

La La Land

What a surprise, right? I mean every single person I know (mainly women) loves this movie and we all want to be Mia by now. A bit of Jazz music, dancing, cheeky smiles from Seb, romance. This movie-musical has it all! As a character, Mia totally stood out. The inspiring actress struggling to make it in Hollywood and facing a lot of ‘’What ifs’’, we all battle with at some point in life. Nevertheless, Mia is a positive person and she works hard to achieve her dreams. She’s very outgoing and loves meeting new people. Do you think you are similar to Mia?

Enhancv Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations

Resume Tip from Mia: If Mia was to create a resume on the Enhancv platform, the ‘’My Time’’ section would be perfect for her. It helps one to show who they are both as individuals and professionals through the activities they tend to do on a daily basis.

The results from the Leadership IQ’s survey done by 5000 hiring managers prove that showing personality is being more important to companies than ever. Also, you want your resume to reflect you so that when you go for an interview, hiring managers know they’ve made the right choice.

Enhancv Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations


Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight, prepared a moving drama with a true social relevance. The main character, Chiron puts on a masculinity facade in order to survive in the difficult world he’s been living in. Yet in his eyes, we can all see that vulnerable person that he’s always been. For sure, many people found themselves in Chiron or one of the other characters. This made the movie so popular and relatable by millions of people.

Enhancv Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations

Resume Tip from Chiron: When crafting a resume, it’s a good idea to share what made you stronger in life. Whether it’s overcoming a disease, coming out in front of your parents. Anything that you lived through and you’re proud of, consider sharing it on your resume.

The best case scenario is when obstacles you faced are related to the job position or requirements the employer’s looking for. If not, you should still share your story but be careful not to turn it into a speech worthy of an Oscar.

It’s like answering that interview question: ’’What’s the biggest challenge you ever had to overcome?’’ It reveals how you figure out a way to deal with a difficult situation. It also showcases how you differentiate from others. We all have a different journey, after all.

Hidden Figures

Now, what a movie’s that! It breaks all the prejudice about women and shows that true determination will lead to success eventually. The support women could find in this movie is immense. Especially the ‘’colored women’’. It’s important for today’s generations to see what it used to be like for women long time ago. Katherine, the main character, is a very special woman. Except for raising 3 daughters, she’s working harder than anyone else at NASA together with her best friends. She was the reason why the sign ”Colored women toilets” in NASA’s headquarters was removed.

Enhancv Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations

Resume Tip from Katherine: To showcase your best skills, you can use the ‘’My Time’’ section too. Illustrating what your usual day looks like and how much time you dedicate to each activity proves a lot to a hiring manager. In 4 points you can make a pretty strong statement. Consider using the information you give to highlight things like your introversion/extraversion level, your organizational abilities, and your ability to work with others. It will suggest to recruiters how your personality will make an impact at the organization.

Manchester by the Sea

This heart wrenching yet funny movie is ultimately about family and what most of us would do for the family. It teaches us that in life, we should always find ways to make things and situations meaningful, purposeful and rewarding. Lee from Manchester by the Sea is a man who lives in the face of overwhelming challenges. That’s why we decided to outline his top skills.

Enhancv Inspiring resume tips from 2017 Oscars nominations

Resume Tip from Lee: Outlining your Top Skills on a resume is something you shouldn’t think about twice. Nowadays, a degree from a prestigious university or a list of truly impressive employers can certainly make a good impression on your employer-to-be. However, what matters the most is how your skills fit with the requirements of the job.

In Lee’s case, we decided to show not only his superpowers but also things he’s not so good at. Consider doing the same. Showing your weakness can actually be perceived as your biggest strength. Like that, you show you’re aware of your weaknesses and you’re always learning to grow. You can do that by explaining what activities you do to improve in that particular area.

DO you struggle with defining your Top Skills? You can ask your friends with Enhancv!

Back to you!

We hope you found some inspiration for the next time when you start crafting an Oscar-winning resume on the Enhancv platform.

Before jumping into conclusions of who will be the winner of this year’s Oscars, let us know which character you related to the most and why.


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