New Job? Make your bed so you’ll want to lay in it!

Published on: 6 December 2016 Last updated: 5 January 2021

3 Strategies to help you thrive in a new work environment

Your correspondent has recently taken up a new job. What better time to write some thoughts down on how you can make a smashing success out your new role. You know, the one you landed with that fabulously enhanced new resume of yours. Wink-wink.

1. You will be tested

Enhancv New Job? Make your bed so you’ll want to lay in it!

Sure, you passed the interview with flying colors, your recommendations were top notch and your signature is to be found at the bottom of an employment contract.

Don’t set yourself up for smooth sailing just yet. You may have passed the initial hurdle, but you are yet to slay the dragon.

What you should expect is a number of awkward and testing situations. It is highly likely that both your colleagues and your manager will scrutinize your brilliant suggestions, creative ideas, and wild proposals.

Everyone will be watching you, establishing opinions, which will later be difficult to change. Being the new dog in the pack, expect older dogs to come and sniff your butt.

Warning. Some might even bite. This is an excellent time to establish barriers and set the tone for all future collaborations.

Show no fear, little one! Stand your ground. Be respectful, but firm, and succeed you shall.

2. Change your job description to match your strengths

Enhancv New Job? Make your bed so you’ll want to lay in it!

I know, I know. “Here goes Valentina with the crazy ideas again”, right? Wrong! You have been offered the position because of the added value you are expected to bring to the company.

The early days are perfect for one thing – communication, communication, communication. You have to be precise about what your competitive advantage is. What is it that you and only you can deliver?

In the selection process, you had to prove that you are different and better than the other candidates. Now that you have joined the elite club of the “Employed”, you have to show what makes you the missing piece in your company’s puzzle. This is also the time to alter your job description to fit your strengths and capabilities.

Come on, put your Inspector Gadget hat on! Gather some intelligence on why you have been offered the job. What is your superior’s perception of you? What do your colleagues think you are all about? Time to replace the photoshopped, narrow idea people have of you with a broader, more realistic one.

Has anyone identified any gaps in your experience or skills? Address their skepticism directly. Absolute honesty is the best way to establish credibility.

3. Secure early wins

Enhancv New Job? Make your bed so you’ll want to lay in it!

Michael Watkins, the author of The First 90 Days, and recognized expert on career transitions explains that you have to excite and energize people by demonstrating the best of your abilities from the start.

Construct your personal brand on the foundation of early wins. This will ensure that your co-workers hold you in high esteem in the future. Build momentum and use the inertia to fuel your later successes.

How you ask? It’s the 12-hour-days time of year, peeps! Being the new kid on the block is no easy task. It’s a constant uphill climb in fact. Think of it as the final sprint before the end of the race.

Deliver fresh solutions to existing company problems. This is the best way to demonstrate your expertise. Do not despair, child! You will be allowed to ease into your new role eventually. Not before you show them what your mama gave ya!

That’s all, folks. See you next month for more of my 50 cents on resumes, employment, and in-work success.

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