Infographic: How Could Brexit Impact Your Career or Education

25 July 2016 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brexit has been everything people are talking about after the historical referendum took place on June 23rd, 2016. After Leave won by 52% to 48%, people were left in absolute chaos and panic about what this actually means.

Is the UK really leaving the EU? If yes, then when and how? What does that mean?

Thousands of people called their polling stations to ask if they could take back their vote and tens of thousands marched in London with the only goal to express their frustration about the misinformation during the political campaigns before the voting day.

It seems as if not enough people knew what the situation between the United Kingdom and the European Union really is. When making their choice, the mass wasn’t sure what Leave and what Remain meant. And now we’re all even more confused.

So, without trying to predict the future, because it’s still quite uncertain what the real consequences of Brexit might be, we’ve gathered information from trusted sources like BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, Financial Times and many more, regarding how Brexit could impact your Career or Education.

We think people deserve to know some facts and figures that clarify the situation around Britain’s will to leave the EU.


Enhancv Infographic: How Could Brexit Impact Your Career or Education

As previously stated, no one knows what the next thing is. Everyone is making assumptions, but since Theresa May has become the first female PM in 26 years and has said “Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it,” let’s see what the future holds.

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