Headless Horseman – Soul Reaper or Immortal Vigilante?

Published on: 28 October 2016 Last updated: 28 November 2018 Reading Time: < 1 minute

When the bells ring midnight and the crows flee into the sky, melding into the darkest of nights, a cold wind sweeps across the cemetery blowing away all hope of a tranquil night. A specter fades into sight, shrouded in black mist with a sword in one hand and his own head in another. Its horse unleashes a hellish screech and the fire-tongue hellhounds join with a ripping howl. The Headless Horseman has risen once again, and will stop at nothing to find his head. Or maybe will, depends on which Horseman we’re talking about.
The Horseman Legend can be found in various cultures around the world and dates back to the year 100 AD, where he was a Celtic god.

Have a look how the Horseman galloped around the world in this infographic that we put together especially for you, so that you may know what to do on the night of Halloween, if the specter is heading your way.

Enhancv Headless Horseman – Soul Reaper or Immortal Vigilante?

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