Avoiding Common Mistakes on Google Resumes

Published on: 20 September 2018 Last updated: 7 January 2021

Google has one of the strictest hiring regimes in the world. Aside from the four cornerstones of their recruitment process (high standards, internal recruitment, objectivity and candidate-benefit), they also employ an entire committee of people to approve the hiring of top talent. On the other hand, the recruitment manager can say no to any candidate on their own. Meaning, they receive millions of applicants per year and it only takes one person to say no, compared to a group of people to say yes. Your chances don’t look great, do they?

One of the most influential parts of the recruitment process is your resume submission. Mastering this step will give you a better chance at making an impact and getting noticed (and getting called for an interview!). Laszlo Bock (former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google) wrote about five common mistakes found on resumes sent in to google: length, confidential information, formatting, typos and lies. Luckily, many of these issues can be solved using an Enhancv resume. 

1. Typos

A large portion of resumes  have typos, more than half in fact. While not everyone needs to have the proficiency of a professional copy editor, typos can leave a (lasting) bad impression. With our Enhancv builder, we have systems that notice spelling mistakes and typos to assist you. You can also use our ask for feedback feature for anything spell-checker doesn’t catch. This way, you can rely on Enhancv and your friends to spot problems where you may have missed them.

2. Length

A good rule of thumb is to have one page for every ten years. However, far too many people ignore this sound advice. Using Enhancv, there are many ways you can cut down on length. We have a compact template that cuts down on spacing and you can re-purpose elements such as our Certificates and Languages section. The tools are right in front of you to keep your resume concise and appealing.

Check out how our users got hired at, Booking.com, AIESEC, and more using well-designed one page resumes.

3. Formatting

Laszlo recommends “At least ten point font. At least half-inch margins. White paper, black ink…”, but this shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean all resumes have to have a standard format that can be found in a word document. The essence of Laszlo’s advice here is to have a clean, easily readable and aesthetically pleasing resume. At Enhancv, this is something we do well. Take it from data scientist Pavel, “I think that Enhancv has a very good balance between aesthetics and content. It’s straight to the point, it’s not too fancy. I respect that.” He recently got hired at Booking.com 

Confidential information

When it comes to confidential information, it’s best to air on the side of caution. Client privacy should be at the top of your radar. Before spouting about how you increased X company’s profit margins, think about whether or not you’re at liberty to divulge that. When it comes to who your clients were, it’s best to leave them anonymous. This doesn’t change what you’ve done – you can still mention the achievement, but just in an anonymous way.

Telling the truth

Nothing breaks down trust between a recruiter and the employee more than telling lies on your resume. In general, stay true to the things you have actually done. It’s that simple. If you’re caught out on a lie (and you’re more than likely will be!) this will cost you more opportunities than the lack of experience you think you have.

When it comes to impressing Google

Getting a job that you’re passionate about is one of the best decisions you can make. Employees that enjoy their company culture are more likely to succeed. Therefore, taking the time to put your best foot forward to get the job you care about is very important. To see if you’re ready to leave your current job for somewhere more exciting, take our quiz. Above all, you know you’ll be able to tackle any resume – Google included – using Enhancv.

Illustrations by: Dana Tileva

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