The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

29 March 2017 Reading Time: 6 minutes

On what makes us certain our resumes will land you your dream job.

Have you ever wondered how joblessness and vacant positions can co-exist? We have. Unemployment and high job churn rates are in part an information asymmetry problem. There is only so much you can learn about a company from reading a job ad, and only so much an employer can learn about a candidate via their resume. Yet, innovative technology has the potential to make successful matches between employees and employers. Enhancv is the efficient fix to the widespread lack of information in the labour market. On one hand, employees gain an instrument, which enables them to present themselves in an authentic way. On the other hand, employers learn valuable information about candidates.

This is why Enhancv was started.

First, to provide a smart tool for users to discover and highlight their strengths. We are big on introspection during the resume-writing process.

Second, we are here to save time for recruiters and HRs. The Enhancv resume is the ultimate tool for employers to start making better choices faster. Reading an Enhancv resume is the closest you can get to meeting a candidate, without actually doing so.

Long live the Enhancv resume! Relying on recent Cornell University research into perception biases and human psychology, our team has uncovered ways to convey the essence of your personality. Behold – the science behind the Enhancv resume-writing.


Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

Traditional resumes tend to be structured in a way, which provides general information and a plethora of vague descriptions of work responsibilities. In contrast, Enhancv encourages candidates to focus on specific accomplishments and tangible results. Users can add sections, describing their achievements in academia, work and sports, the awards they received and other life events they feel proud of.

We fight the common tendency in candidates to center their resume around generic facts. Our personalized content analyzer nudges users to provide highly-relevant information in real-time. We advise candidates to demonstrate how they applied their specific skills and abilities, in order to achieve tangible results. In addition, the Enhancv layout stimulates users to quantify their results, so as to convey the scope and significance of their accomplishments. Our automated resume-builder is filled with tips on how best to provide pertinent examples of the outcomes of your activities.

What do experts say?

Laszlo Bock, author of “Work Rules!” and former SVP of People Operations at Google, endorses Enhancv’s data-driven take on resumes. In a 2010 article, Bock writes: “You can’t control the biases and attention span of whomever reviews your resume. You do control what’s on the page in front of him or her. Use the formula “accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]” and recruiters will take notice.

Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

The performance-based approach to resume-writing benefits recruiters too. Lou Adler, CEO at the Adler Group, says that using past performance as a predictor of on-the-job success makes far more sense than box-checking skills or asking generic behavioural-based questions.


Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

There is growing evidence that companies are now hiring based on personality, rather than experience. Two years ago, Ernst and Young, the largest graduate recruiter in the UK, removed University degrees from the selection criteria it relied on for its hiring processes. The consultancy backed its decision by stating that there is no evidence success at University has any correlation with competitiveness in later life. Even a conservative organization as E&Y is currently hiring for talent and personality, rather than purely on the basis of formal qualifications.

Enhancv has embraced this trend. Our resumes enable users to show their personal, as well as professional characteristics. We stimulate introspection by asking the uncomfortable questions: What are your strengths? What does a day in your life look like? Which are the books that have influenced your thinking? What are the passions, which define you? At Enhancv, we care to show the living and breathing person behind the resume.

What do experts say?

Sir Richard Branson, often deemed the most dynamic entrepreneur in the world, supports hiring for personality, rather than “book smarts”. In a 2013 article, titled “How I Hire”, he noted: “Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can’t train a personality”.


Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

It’s essential to tailor your resume for each new job you apply for. This may mean changing some of the sections around. To illustrate, say you are applying for the position of a social media marketer. Instead of having a section titled “work experience”, Enhancv enables you to name it “digital marketing experience”. This easy trick works for you in two ways. First, you clearly demonstrate your job-specific expertise. Second, optimizing your resume for keywords means that it will pass automatic screenings. Many companies use the latter to manage the influx of applications they receive for open positions.

At Enhancv, we don’t believe in the “spray and pray” tactic. Research has shown that the most efficient way to look for a job is to carefully select between 2 and 3 companies and then focus on personalizing your resume for the specific job requirements. One of the key factors, which recruiters consider before hiring a candidate, is how motivated they are to take on the new role. Being able to quickly alter your resume for each new position you apply for, highly increases your chances of being called for an interview. Creating your resume with Enhancv means it is always readily available for you to edit online. You can store multiple versions of your resume on our platform. The intuitive user experience makes altering your resume for every new application trouble-free.

Further, your resume should be stating your motivation for applying to a given position. The Enhancv resume provides a platform for users to show their passions, talents and deep interests. To be great at your job you need more than the right degree and qualifications. Employers will be looking for the zeal, enthusiasm, and energy to complement existing company culture. We encourage users to describe their values on their resume.


Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

The Good News About What’s Bad for You, a 2015 publication by Jeff Wisler, states that changing jobs can be as stressful as going through a divorce. The resume-writing process is often the most difficult aspect of a job hunt. Not with Enhancv. Our automated resume-builder is loaded with helpful tips and tricks. Users receive constructive feedback at every step of the resume-writing process.

In addition, with Enhancv suggestions are made easy. Asking your family, friends, professors or advisors to comment on your resume takes only a few clicks. Having a wide circle of people review your resume is the best way to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as any ambiguities.

In result, we democratize the resume consultancy business. Now everyone can have a personal resume consultant. Our content analyzer gives you personalized feedback.

Read-at-a-Glance Design

Enhancv The secret science behind Enhancv resumes

The labour market has never been more competitive than it is today. In combination with people’s attention span declining by the minute, visual quality is key to crafting a stellar resume.

Enhancv formatting is engaging and inviting. The templates we offer can be as formal, or as creative, as the user needs them to be. Enhancv resumes have landed people jobs in the most conservative of industries – legal, finance, banking, etc. The combination of colours and fonts we have selected for you, is in alignment with the latest neurological research into human perception. More, adding a little bit of colour, makes your resume stand out from all the other gray ones.

In 2012, TheLadders, a platform that connects prospective employees with recruiters, conducted an in-depth eye-tracking review of what recruiters focus on when looking at resumes. The results showed that HRs spend between 6 and 7 seconds before making the first cut of the selection process. What does this mean for candidates? They have to structure their resumes flawlessly. This is where Enhancv read-at-a-glance design comes in handy. We rely on a user-friendly outline, permitting recruiters to learn more about the candidate, with greater ease, and in less time.

What do experts say?

Agnese Trevisan, head of marketing at Procter and Gamble, states that Enhancv resumes significantly improve readability. “The main benefits are the strictly organized layout and the strong visual hierarchy. It’s much easier to read and comprehend than any other resume I have looked at.”


Enhancv resumes are about much more than just looking pretty. Every aspect of the automated resume-builder has been thoroughly thought through. We fully appreciate the great levels of responsibility, which come with advising people on how to apply for jobs. This is why we believe in doing our homework. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the science behind great resumes. In a sentence – we do the research, you land the job.

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