We are hiring a Head of Marketing in Dublin

28 July 2017 Reading Time: 5 minutes

Updated on January 2018: We no longer have this position available. However, we are hiring in Dublin for various positions in Marketing, Customer Sucess, and Design. You can send your application to work@enhancv.com.

I’m excited to share that we’ve decided to expand the Dublin team and I’m looking for a Head of Marketing! Check out the full details below.

We exist to help people unlock their full potential, the best version of themselves, as we empower them to create and action their careers. We are currently developing the most used resume building platform in the world. Our commitment results in redefining the rules of success (at work) and helping people design their life philosophy.

The Opportunity

With you joining me in our Dublin office, together with the marketing team, we’d accomplish two of our main goals – rebranding and respectively hitting the US market with a louder and bolder statement. The long term challenge is to fix what we believe is a seriously broken industry – Talent Acquisition, by disrupting both the ancient black & white resume and the dominance of professional networks.  Above all, your work will impact the way people apply for their dream jobs and whether they get them or not.

You would become part of a company that has an experimentation mentality, data driven culture and growth habits. We’ve been featured in almost every major US tech media outreaching journalists from Sofia, Bulgaria. We grew for 5 weeks from 3k to 70k MRR with zero budget. Now we are on the hunt for the next big thing – becoming job applicants’ one-stop shop for self-marketing & self-discovery.

If you want to lead the company’s communication and brand strategy achieving this and you do find yourself in the words below, let’s do it together.

What you’re going to do

  • Lead and grow a team of driven and humble domain experts in performance, content and digital marketing, as well external PR and creative agencies
  • Discover new channels that we haven’t utilized yet and dive in them rapidly
  • Build and own the company’s growth strategy with 3x, 10x, or why not 50x our current scale? (We’ve seen that it’s possible)
  • Own a 6-figure marketing budget and allocate it optimally across all our tools and channels
  • Steward the new Enhancv brand and voice, and ensure consistency in all communication efforts
  • Work alongside the COO & CSO, but act as a CEO in your own division – hire, mentor and grow people

Enhancv We are hiring a Head of Marketing in Dublin

What we’re looking for in this role

  • You are equally left-brained and right-brained – you are a creative genius when it comes to experiments, but you know how to execute, measure and improve them.
  • Growth is your middle name – you are biased towards turbo-scaling a startup and you would remove any barrier on the way
  • Record of success in leading teams, measurement of ROI, and accountability for results, ideally in another B2C startup
  • You know what’s difference between #25 and #1 not only in google.com – you seek world-class results from yourself
  • You learn every day – you have deep & various skill set, but you know that being good in marketing is all about learning and executing.
  • We don’t necessarily look for someone with 10+ years of experience, but we do expect deep knowledge in marketing stack and expertise in all digital marketing channels.
  • You like rolling up your sleeves and doing the work yourself if needed – even when it comes to finding a certain journalist’s email or rewriting the copy of our team page.
  • You’re not just used to remote working teams, international traveling, and different cultures, but you actually thrive in such environment
  • Interest in helping people unlock their full potential, starting with yourself

Enhancv We are hiring a Head of Marketing in Dublin

Benefits & Perks

  • A culture of learning and personal growth: in-house personal & professional coaching, a Five-Minute Journal, and a library with business and non-business reads to boost your spirit
  • We’re experts in combining work and fun: two Power Weeks and one retreat per year with the whole team. – looks like we are positioning ourselves again as fun experts
  • Unforgettable company-wide get togethers when we work and celebrate together — an Annual Retreat and two Power Weeks  
  • Health matters to us, so you can request your mental health day off at any time of the year, as well as expense sports activities
  • An extra day off for your birthday
  • 25 days per year to work remotely from anywhere you want
  • Even when an ocean separates us, we are always there for one another.

Enhancv We are hiring a Head of Marketing in Dublin

What working with me in Dublin would be like

  • I can teach you or help you how to get to anyone. In Dublin or anywhere.
  • We will attend conferences, events, and meetups to learn and to scout for the future team members of the Dublin team
  • No one interrupts anyone in Cluster, the coworking space I work from. Everyone is disciplined and focused on their own work, at the same time they are all friendly and ready to help out if you want to talk or need advice. I usually go to Cluster’s owner Goodwin, and Louis (creator of the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast & Hotjar’s content strategist)
  • When I feel tired or overwhelmed, I restart my mind by taking a 20-minute power nap. Luckily, there’s a tiny, yet cosy couch in the room of the startup Restored Hearing and Rhona, Eimear, and Chrissy don’t mind me sneaking in for a bit.
  • More on my routine and approach to remote working
  • We’d have a bi-weekly one-on-one meeting. I recently wrote why and how we do them at Enhancv.
  • While many of the meetings with the rest of the team will be on Hangout, some of the meetings you and I will have will take place on the grass in Trinity College or in Kaph.  
  • Currently, I’m the only team member from Enhancv working from Dublin. By the end of the year, we will be a total of 4. We’re currently hiring for a Digital Marketer and Customer Success as well.
  • You will travel to Sofia, Bulgaria a few times a year. Yes, you will get to experience 4 actual seasons. I travel to Sofia every couple of months to spend time with the guys in the HQ. Georgi, our co-founder & CEO, just spent 3 weeks here in Dublin and fell in love with it!

Enhancv already powers 300 000+ users to land their jobs at companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Spotify. With your help, we’d like to add a few zero’s to that number.

Enhancv is an equal opportunities employer.

Apply Now

Send your CV to work@enhancv.com and tell us why you’d like to join us and why we should pick you. 

P.S. We are also hiring for Digital Marketer and Customer Success at the moment.

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