A complete guide to the Enhancv platform: customizing sections

Published on: 16 March 2017 Last updated: 28 November 2018

In part two of our guide, we went into detail about the main menu functions. Today, let’s have a look at some of the best advantages you can find only on the Enhancv platform. Those include renaming sections, hiding icons and descriptions, writing in different languages and more. No matter your style – creative and visually compelling, or simple and neat – you can use some advanced tricks to impress your future employer.

1. Rename sections

Each section on the Enhancv platform has a name to indicate what you should use it for. The good thing is, we don’t stop you from being creative and you are free to name it as you believe is most appropriate. Whether it’s changing ‘’My Time’’ to ‘’A day of my life’’; ‘’Experience’’ to ‘’My Professional Experience’’ or ‘’Quotes’’ to ‘’Words I live by’’, it’s all up to you. This way, you can personalize the resume even more and stand out from the others.

Enhancv A complete guide to the Enhancv platform: customizing sections

2. Reuse sections

The ability to rename each section gives you another benefit – use different sections for different purposes. For example, you can:

  • Use the Technologies section to list your Strengths instead.
  • Use My Time section to show what industries you’ve worked in.
  • Use the Books section to showcase your favorite pieces of art.

Again, you’re only limited by your creativity.

Enhancv A complete guide to the Enhancv platform: customizing sections

3. Customize the content of each section

You can customize sections at any point in time, in many ways. Click on the first item under the section title and then click the Settings icon. Each section has different settings available, depending on what information it should include. For example, in your Education section, you can hide the GPA in case you don’t want to share it.

In the Experience section, you can hide Company Description (in case the company you worked for is well-known, otherwise is good to describe it in a word or two), Bullets (used when writing your accomplishments), Location, Period or the Link to the company’s website.

In case you don’t want icons in any of your sections, you can hide them, too, following the same steps.

Enhancv A complete guide to the Enhancv platform: customizing sections

4. Write in any language

Another benefit of the Enhancv platform is that you can fill your sections and the whole resume in any language you like. As already mentioned above, you can rename each section which means you can name them in your own language.

In case you use other grading systems than GPA, you can hide the GPA and write your grade in brackets next to the name of your university or the name of your degree.

When it comes to dates in which you studied or worked, you can use only years in case you don’t think it’s appropriate to share shortened months’ names in English. You can hide the dates completely and write them as a bullet in the Education section, or next to your position in the Experience section.

See an example of a resume in Italian here.

5. Include a photo

In the US, it’s illegal to consider factors like age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status in hiring decisions. Some of these details can be revealed through your photo. Therefore the hiring professionals prefer not to ‘’officially’’ know these details.

In case you prefer to hide the photo on your resume when using the Enhancv platform, click on the Personal Info section on the top of your resume and then the Settings icon. From there you can decide whether to show or hide other details too, such as your Phone number, Location, etc.

Enhancv A complete guide to the Enhancv platform: customizing sections

Useful Tip: If you decide to add a Profile Photo to your resume, make sure it’s a high-quality headshot. Find more advice here.

Back to you!

The flexibility of the Enhancv platform is quite unique, don’t you think? Whether you’re looking for a very corporate looking resume or a more visually compelling one, you can create it in a few minutes.

I hope I provided some useful examples of how to go about changing each section to get the most out of it. The next guide will focus on the benefits of upgrading to a Pro version, promo codes, and the rules of the Invite a friend campaign.

If you have any additional questions, I’ll happily answer in the comments.

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