Breakfast – the most important meal of the week

6 February 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you know that the most often used hashtag on Monday is #MondayBlues? Even if you have a fun and exciting job, going back to the office after a nice weekend is not something you readily look forward to.

But here at Enhancv, we’ve got a Monday tradition that turns the #MondayBlues into #MondayMotivation. Our week starts with an all-company breakfast meeting.

What does the Enhancv breakfast look like?

The most important task on our CEO’s Monday agenda is getting the food for breakfast. We get together in the office, Georgi brings in the groceries and everyone helps in setting up the table – putting plates around, cutting vegetables or opening that ever-so-stubborn marmalade jar. It almost feels like gathering a group of friends for Sunday brunch.

Enhancv Breakfast – the most important meal of the week

The cool thing is that even our teammates from other cities can join the breakfast – while you’re having a croissant in Sofia, you’re chatting with Vessy, who’s eating yoghurt and muesli in Dublin. Technology is cool like that!

The first 15 minutes pass by in chit-chat all around the table. How was your weekend? Did you go out on Friday? How did it go with your friend coming to visit from Amsterdam? We have time to catch up and share something fun. Of course, you have to be focused – if you drift off in small talk, those tasty whole-wheat buns might be gone!

Then serious work starts. Every team shares what they did over the past week and what they will focus on during this one. We save time for key announcements such as new feature releases, company strategy and key metrics (as the data geek on the team, that’s my personal favorite part!)

Why you should start your own Monday breakfast?

It sure is fun, but our Monday breakfast brings loads of different benefits for the company. Let me go through them one by one.

Enhancv Breakfast – the most important meal of the week

It boosts up motivation

One of my previous employers had a company-wide Monday meeting, too. It consisted of an hour of constant pushing and harsh questions, which made Monday morning the most dreaded time of the week. And when your week starts off like that, you feel drained and less productive right away.

On the other hand, when the week starts with something cool, you can ease off into work mode and get energized by what other teams are working on. It brings loads of motivation to see what amazing stuff our devs are building or the visual magic our art director is working on. I hope the guys get the same kick when we share we got featured in Inc. Magazine or some other marketing wins.

A place for each team’s contributions

Major risk teams run is to get siloed in. Operations people have no idea what the designers do, marketing and developers rarely talk to each other. The Monday breakfast helps us catch up on what each team is working on. You get a sense that every person on that table contributes a vital role in the success of the company. It’s a team effort, after all!

A perfect stage for the important stuff

The Monday breakfast is the perfect place to say what everyone needs to hear – an upcoming company event, an introduction of our newest hire or something else. Even though we don’t have long discussions during the meeting, when people have some input on what’s being presented, they are more than welcome to share it. This serves as a litmus test for concepts that need to be developed further or changed in some way. The best thing is that the discussion transcends teams and you can get really valuable feedback from people in different roles.

It makes you more productive

Although I can’t back this with data, I feel much more productive when I see what everyone is working on and what tremendous impact we make every day. I feel recharged, ready to take on the most important tasks, a part of a great team. Now Monday is the coolest day of the week.

How do you start the week at your company? Let us know in the comments below.

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