Birthday Infographic: Enhancv Becomes 2-Years-Old

22 April 2016 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our story started 2 years ago when we had a simple idea to help people to better describe themselves.

Since then we’ve really dug into the HR industry coming to realize that there are some bigger issues that won’t be solved by only creating more beautiful resumes.

The main issues in a nutshell are:

  1. People don’t know their strengths
  2. People are scared to share personal info
  3. People don’t know how to tailor their resumes according to a specific company/job ad

Because of this, HRs are having a hard time selecting the right people. 50% of the chosen applicants turn out to be bad hires, 90% of which are the wrong people because they aren’t a good cultural fit for the team. Not because they lack the technical skills! Thus, companies lose millions of dollars hiring people without knowing anything about their personality… This is where we come in and make things way better for both sides.

So 2 years (of research, iterations and all kinds of adventures) later, we’re happy to say that we’ve created the best resume tool out there, so we wanted to give you some facts about our milestones along the way and why we are so proud to be Enhancv. Take a look at our Birthday Infographic:

Enhancv Birthday Infographic: Enhancv Becomes 2-Years-Old

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Yasmin Tezdjan

A 20-year-old Business Design student based in Barcelona who’s excited about making the world a better place through innovative businesses and thinks rap is poetry. I feel complete at the beach.

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