Bringing more personality to our basic plan

22 August 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Our main goal at Enhancv is to help you stand out in a pile of resumes and get recruiters excited to meet you. To do this, we’re constantly in touch with hiring professionals. Time and time again, they tell us they select candidates who’ve shown some personality. Skills are still important – but not as much as character.

This is why we’re making some Pro personality-revealing features available to all Enhancv users.

Starting today, our premium My Time section and all design customization options are available to all users. They will help you grab the recruiter’s attention, secure an interview and get that dream job.

Drive attention with My Time

The My Time section is much more than a fancy way to talk about your day.

First off, it’s a great way to show recruiters a bit of your personality. Do you practice the guitar every day? Is it important for you to carve out time for family dinner and play dates with your kids? All of this shows your interests and priorities, which are just as important as your work experience. In my book, having the discipline to go running for 1 hour, come rain or shine, demonstrates personal qualities I’d like to have in my team – determination, focus, pursuit of personal improvement. Recruiters express the same opinion. What you do with your time speaks volumes about the person you are.

Additionally, My Time can draw attention to something important you want to communicate. What that would be depends on you. We’ve seen wonderful uses of the section, showcasing industry experience, types of roles previously held, weekly routines, priorities, or anything you can think of. The distinctive graph serves as a natural focal point, thanks to its unique design.

Enhancv Bringing more personality to our basic plan

You can now include the My Time section even on our Basic plan – just add it from the left-hand side menu in the editor.

Enhancv Bringing more personality to our basic plan

Make your resume truly your own with fonts and colors

The main thing you need to invest time in is your resume content. However, that doesn’t mean you should just go with a default design. In fact, people who don’t settle for the default option perform better at their job. It’s scientifically proven, at least when it comes to browsers.

Think about it. You surely have a favorite color that makes you feel empowered and confident. You’d probably feel better if you could wear it to your job interview, right? Your resume should reflect your true personality just as much as your interview appearance.


Now, all colors, fonts, backgrounds, and icons we provide are accessible to all users. You can make the resume look and feel as personal as possible. Choose one of the color combination that represents your personality.

Enhancv Bringing more personality to our basic plan

All provided color pairs have been chosen by our product designer to give off a professional and balanced feel. The same goes for the fonts and backgrounds you can choose from.

Go ahead and build your human-centric resume

We believe in the power of resumes that showcase the true you. This is why we’re working hard to bring more personalization features to our users. Try them out and tell us what you think in the comments!


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