9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

Published on: 28 July 2015 Last updated: 2 September 2020

This is a shot in the dark, but chances are, you don’t really like your job all that much. And we can’t blame you – most jobs mean 9 to 5 menial work, be it a more-or-less cozy office job, or flipping burgers. There are a number of ideal jobs out there, ranging from professional sleeping to hacking, most of which you’ve never heard of. Get your resume out, as you will want to apply for them after finishing this article.

  1. Professional Sleeper

Yep. A professional sleeper. It’s totally a thing. Hate getting up early to go to work? Or going to work in general? Or hell, even just staying awake? Well, you can actually get paid to do what you do best – sleep. Some of the top hotels in the world employee people as bed-testers. As a professional sleeper, you get taught how to evaluate different beds, and the only thing you have to do is, well, sleep.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

Your future workspace. Cozy, huh?

2. Penetration Tester

Now, before you get too excited, a Penetration Tester is not what you think it is. The “Penetration” part means hacking into different systems, not, well, you know. A Penetration Tester is pretty much a paid “spy”. They get hired to test the effectiveness of the company security measures. This can mean anything, depending on the industry, from hacking into the systems, to impersonating personnel, lock-picking, and all that cool stuff you see in James Bond movies. And here’s the kicker, Penetration Testers get 6 figure salaries.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

kinda like this, just without randomly mashing buttons

3.  Professional Snuggler

On the weirder side of the internet, you can find some really uncanny jobs. A “Professional Snuggler” would be one of those. Websites like thesnugglebuddies.com offer a professional “cuddling experience,” for about 60$ per hour. Don’t want to pay for cuddling? Check out the startup called “Cuddlr,” where you can find your very own complete stranger to cuddle with.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

for only 60$ an hour…

4. White Person For Rent

What if we told you that you could get hired simply for having white skin? Turns out that’s exactly what some Chinese companies do – renting white-skinned people as fake business partners or employees. And that’s pretty much the only requirement for the job, too, besides not knowing Chinese, and looking like a foreigner. In China, having Westerner employees counts as a sign of wealth and prestige. Which is why, to develop their brand image, some companies hire foreigners to just stand there, look pretty, and give out a speech here and there.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

Cash Flows! Finance! Mergers!

5. Actor for Hire

Got a theater degree? ideals of Hollywood stardom already failed? Not desperate enough to start working for the local supermarket? You could try being an entertainer instead. These days, a lot of corporations hire actors as entertainment for team buildings – ranging from sword fighting to harry-potter-cosplays, they’ve got it all. I mean, how many people can say that they do sword fighting for a living?

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

6. Food Scientist

Some people earn a living so they can eat – others, as it turns out, earn a living by eating. Food scientists are those guys designing the recipes for all kinds of snacks and sweets. They mix a bunch of different ingredients and see how the end result tastes, and whether it would be enjoyable as a product.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

You can’t say no if it’s in the job description

7. Youtube Superstar

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

This guy here makes a video of himself playing video games every few days. He also made 7 million dollars last year. Yeah, you read that right. Full-time youtubing is now a thing, and yes, apparently you can make millions of dollars just by having other people watch you play videogames. If that’s not a ideal job, we don’t know what is.

8. Panda Nanny

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

Take a look at this ball of fluff here. You’d probably be real happy to pay top bucks to hang out with them. Well its actually the other way around, working as a panda nanny, you can get paid a lot for chilling with the adorable furballs.

9. Alcohol Brand Ambassador

The ideal of every college student is a never-ending friday night. For an alcohol brand ambassador, being plastered is a professional requirement. You’ve probably seen a barely-walking Captain Morgan here and there, going around giving people free hats. That’s pretty much the idea of an alcohol brand ambassador – or a professional alcohol drinker if you will – meeting new people and trying out new drinks, AND getting paid for it.

Enhancv 9 Ideal Jobs Straight from Your Dreams

Now that you feel all excited about becoming the next Panda nanny millionaire, you need to take out your dusty old resume and apply for the job. But then again, for a job like this, an ordinary resume just won’t do – but we know just the thing that can help. *Like our Facebook page for a free designer resume and lots of career-improvement goodies!

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