5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18

11 February 2016 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Most students between the ages of 17 and 19 are pretty sure that a) they do not need a resume and b) they do not have anything to write on that resume. Here is why you are wrong. You actually do need a resume.

*1. Summer job*

Most teenagers are used to taking a break from school during the summer which means traveling, hopefully spending a long period of time at the seaside, maybe going to a summer camp. But as a senior in high school or college, we are either a) motivated to get a summer job in order to save some extra cash for that pair of sneakers or favorite band coming to perform in town or b) parents are pushing us to do so because we are growing up and we need to get a little taste of what that feels like.

But let me tell you something. A summer job could be a blast! It is up to you to get as creative as you can and improvise a resume. No one is expecting you’d have any serious experience, but you should mention being in the basketball team, helping with the organization of the Christmas ball at school or translating those texts for your mom from Spanish. With your modest (but honest and inventive) resume you might get to spend the whole summer on the beach selling ice cream (and eating tons of ice cream for free) or maybe helping with an advertising campaign by going around, giving flyers and talking to people? You probably won’t feel like it’s the best job ever but you can make it fun and next time you’re editing your resume you’ll have something new to add.

Enhancv 5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18 Who doesn’t want this job?

*2. Internship*

Doing at least one internship before graduating high school doubles your chances of getting into a good uni, as well as scoring a good job after finishing your degree. But you can’t apply for an internship (even if you know the people) without having a resume. You have to somehow prove your ability and interest in the field and that’s the perfect way to do it!

Being an intern usually means doing various small tasks, nothing too important or difficult, but it is an opportunity to see how a business works from the inside. Such an experience will help you decide if this is the kind of environment or industry you are truly interested in or you might want to try heading in a completely different direction. Joining a real team of professionals, getting to ask them questions and assist them with real assignments is always super valuable even if you finish the internship and realize that what you would like to do in the future is completely unrelated to the internship.

Enhancv 5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18 Interns not making coffee.

*3. To get into University*

Most universities do not require a resume from students when they are applying, but universities in Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain do. These countries are famous for their prestigious universities for various degrees and they are more than welcoming when it comes to internationals. They offer programs in both the respective language, as well as in English.

No one requires from you to have a big amount of working experience in order to get into uni, it’s more about making the effort to create an outstanding resume that illustrates your personality and interests. Of course, many things that you talk about in your personal statement might be a part of your resume too. The letter of motivation is your opportunity to give them context and tell a story, while your resume is your canvas where you can get creative, colorful and brave when providing a history of your activities.

Enhancv 5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18 University looks pretty nice?

*4. To do a study abroad program when in University*

Normally a bachelor’s program takes 3 or 4 years. That’s a lot of time to spend living in just one city. Especially when we talk about the average person doing a bachelor’s who is between 18 and 25 years old. We need to explore the world! Most universities offer the opportunity to do a semester or even a whole year in another country which sounds more than amazing – you get to experience a new city, meet tons of new people and maybe practice your second or third language? In order to take advantage of such a chance, you need to provide a resume proving why you deserve this.

Enhancv 5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18 Why stay at one place?

*5. Because it’s awesome*

If you still feel like you don’t need a resume, let’s talk again after you create the perfect one (both design and content wise) as then you will realize how awesome it is to have all of your achievements and passions written down and illustrated. Your resume serves as a summarized and graphical biography touching on the most important things that you’ve done in your life. Moreover, our breakthrough format doesn’t give only the boring facts regarding your educational or work background, it emphasizes on your soft skills and personality. If you’re still wondering why we’re actually in love with the resume, you might want to take a look at ours.

Enhancv 5 Reasons You Need A Resume When You’re 18

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