11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired

4 November 2015 Reading Time: 6 minutes

You’ve probably heard of Nina4Airbnb, one of the most famous online resumes that has been reposted all over the Internet. It went viral pretty fast, got her ton of attention, as well as getting her hired in her dream company.

Well, she’s not the only one – there are a bunch of other people who did the same thing: created a novel online resume and were swarmed with job offers left and right. So, without further ado, 11 of the most creative online resumes we’ve seen.

  1. The Reverse Job Application

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired

Usually, you’re supposed to be the one frantically looking for job openings on a variety of websites – especially if you’re a fresh college grad. For some, this may be soul-crushing: being rejected time after time doesn’t leave much room for confidence.

That’s what happened to Andrew Horner, who decided to reverse-engineer the entire process, creating a reverse application website. In this case, companies had to go out of their way to meet Andrew’s standards, rather than the other way around, and as you’ve probably already guessed, he got hired.

The unusual part here is that he never listed any of his skills or experiences. The website describes his personality, rather than portraying him as a paper-filling, coffee-brewing potential intern.

Link: http://www.reversejobapplication.com/

2. Google, Please Hire Me

Some people really go out of their way to get hired in their favorite company. Way, way, way more far than just filling an application.

Now, this guy here, with his majestic moustache, spent 3,000$ of his own capital to make a marketing campaign to get him noticed by Google, which essentially proved his skills in marketing.That’s one hell of a way to apply for a job, huh?

Surprisingly, he didn’t get hired at Google – but end up scoring a sweet gig in a San Francisco based startup: SigFig, a financial management platform for individual investors, which the mustachioed marketer himself described as a job that makes you get up in the morning.

Check out his website at http://googlepleasehire.me/

3. An Amaz-ing resume

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
Everyone knows that applying to jobs is basically selling yourself. This guy took that concept a bit too seriously. He created a website with the Amazon design, and started selling himself – literally.

Sadly, the website is currently all out of Phils, as he got hired in his dream company, the Birchbox, one of the leading discovery commerce platforms, operating in both the US and Europe.

Link: http://phildub.com/

4. Nina4AirBNB

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
One of the most common ways to land a job is to blow them away with your enthusiasm, to show the company how much you care. What most people do is research a lot about the company, and try to impress the interviewer.

What Nina did was something along the lines, with dedication pumped upped to the max. She analyzed the global tourism market, and gave AirBNB recommendations based on her research. If that doesn’t show enthusiasm and competence, we don’t know what does. Surprisingly enough, Nina didn’t end up working for AirBnB.

However, despite not meeting her main goal, she described the campaign as a major success, with over 400k visits to her website, 30k to her blog, as well as a huge number of interviews with some of the best companies out there.

Check out her website at http://www.nina4airbnb.com/

5. Interactive-Videogame-Resume

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
And when we thought this couldn’t get any weirder, Robby Leonardi came by with his videogame resume and blew us away. The “game” is a simplistic platformer, with the character advancing as you scroll down.

Robby mentioned that the website is influenced by the Super Mario games, if you thought that the game looked a bit familiar.Currently, Robby works at Fox News as a web content designer/creator, but considering his qualifications, we’re pretty sure this guy can work for whoever he wants to.

Link: http://www.rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/
Also, Portfolio: http://www.rleonardi.com/design-portfolio/

6. Landing Page Resume

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
These days, most of the recruiters check out your online presence, to see how exactly you’d fit in the company, and whether you’re the type who posts statuses like this.

So, rather than just hiding your social media accounts, you might as well leverage them! That’s what Judson Collier did – making a landing page under his first/last name, leaving an amazing first impression for the curious recruiter.

Link: http://judsoncollier.com/wantstoworkwithjeremy/

7. Super Mike’s super online resume

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
There’s a legend among App Strategists – and his name is Super Mike. Changing the world one app at a time, Mike is famous around the globe. Visionaries of today’s society have described Mike as “the bicycle for your strategic needs,” – Steve Jobs, and “Always two there are, no more; the Brand and SuperMike,” – Master Yoda.

Exaggerations aside, Mike’s personal website is comprehensive: a full history of his employment, case studies, coupled with a tinge of humor. He’s also worked for top-of-the-line companies as a strategist, including Ubisoft, Ogilvy, and so on.

Link: http://super-mike.com/

8. Florian for Adidas

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
Just like Nina’s resume, Florian goes all in trying to get hired at Adidas. He lists his work history, passions and explains how, exactly, he can help develop miCoach.

Short, concise, and to the point. He ended up being employed at Adidas for a while, but left in order to work on his own entrepreneurial endeavors, specifically, Grit, an app that pairs you with professional running coaches.
Link: http://www.florianisallin.com/

9. QR Code Resume

How do you get hired in a tough industry as communications, straight after college? According to Victor Petit, it’s to show a bit of creativity – which is what he did, through his QR coded resume. After suffering the pain of looking for an internship without much experience, he decided to think outside the box, landing him a job straight off.

Link: http://www.victorpetit.fr/QR-CODE-Talking-Resume

10. E-Bio

Enhancv 11 Online Resumes That Will Get Anyone Hired
Martin Ringlein, a design manager at Twitter, created a personal website – with a twist. The style isn’t that of a classic resume, rather, the website is structured as a timeline.

Currently, as a high-end professional, Martin isn’t looking for a job, and the website is more of a personal bio.

Link: http://marty.com/

11. The Anti-Resume Manifesto

Let’s face it – traditional resumes are outdated. It tells what companies you’ve worked for, and what jobs you’ve taken.

That, however, can be very irrelevant. The resume doesn’t show who you are as a person, whether you’d be a good culture fit, nor does it show your other relevant skills, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to change here at Enhancv.

Turns out, David Crandall holds the same opinion, and has created the anti-resume manifesto, which explains that he’s not just another cog in a machine. Rather, a talented individual, a superhuman asset to any company.

Link: http://www.slideshare.net/davidcrandall/my-antiresume-manifesto

See the pattern? Hint: all those guys got hired. Comes to show that if you put some effort into your job-search, couple with a bit of creativity, you can get hired anywhere.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our resume examples section that got people hired at their dream jobs.

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