Enhancv brings resumes that are all about you

Our mission is to help talented people believe in themselves and unleash their full potential

We've seen a lot of amazing designers, engineers and young prodigies that are dissatisfied with their current job or job prospects, simply because they aren't able to strongly present themselves. You need to show your dream employer that you are a perfect match - by skill-set, motivation and most importantly personality. Enhancv is here to give the power back to you and help you tell the world who you really are.

Georgi Ivanov

Chief Enhancer

Volen Valkov

Chief Harmonizer

Dimitar Vouldjeff

Chief Innovator

Viktor Kirilov

Tech Enhancer

Kaloian Toshev

Art & UX Enhancer

Aleksander Ginovski

Code Enhancer

Ivan Kerin

Code Enhancer

Yasmin Tezdjan

Growth Enhancer

Nikolay Kirov

Customer Success Enhancer

Slav Dachev

Code Enhancer

Plami Doncheva

Art & UX Enhancer

Tatiana Rehmova

Growth Enhancer

Vassilena Valchanova

Growth Enhancer

Vessy Tasheva

Strategy Enhancer

Krassimir Dobrev

Digital Creative Enhancer

Denitsa Petrova

Culture and Communication

Irina Lilova

Relationships Enhancer

Our values is what we are


A company of friends

We have fun while working, often hang out together and go to the seaside. Although sometimes the Atlantic separates us, we are always there for one another.


No to mediocrity

Although we are young, we do things amazingly. If we don’t do well at something, we admit the fact and find a way to make it shine.


User problems are a crisis

We understand why user problems are a crisis, so you will never hear us saying “Sorry for the inconvenience”. Our mission is to help people, so it is a privilege to talk to you and solve the issue together.


Mistakes are overrated

Instead of only focusing on what isn’t working in order to fix it, we focus on what is working well, so that we emphasize on that and make it even better on the way to making it the best.

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